Refers to use of the left hand while masterbating. Most males predominately use their right hand to "beat the bishop", hence the term "religious right". The earliest known example of this "switch-hit" is found in Bible chapter favorite Dudeurontome.
"Man, I'm tired of getting jerked-off by the religious right!"

"Then use your godless left and stop whining."
by mazdafarian November 17, 2009
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The opposite and much more dangerous counterpart to the so called religious right the godless left wants absolute power over government and the nation and will use any opportunity such as economic crises, natural disasters, mass murders, etc. to further their liberal social agenda. The godless left would rather pass moronic liberal social policies, ban free speech (unless you agree with them), and point fingers at everybody else, instead of doing anything worthwhile for the United States. They want the US to have an atheistic government and to brainwash everybody into sharing their same views.

Members of the godless left can often be found complaining about "In God We Trust" on the the American dollar, "One Nation, Under God" in the pledge (or the whole pledge), and will bitch anytime somebody says "God Bless America." They think they are being threatened every time they see Christian imagery, and generally they exist to make the world a shittier place.

Members of the godless left are often leftists who also promote things like gutting our national defense, wasting money on carbon credits,
"Religious right? The religious right is harmless besides for a few moronic traitors in that inbred Westboro "Baptist Church". The real threat is the godless left who is working to strip your rights and destroy everything America stands for. They would force gay marriage instead of civil unions, remove the 2nd amendment to the Constitution, and ban freedom of religion if they could."
by KingLampshade May 21, 2009
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