8 definitions by Kimmie

J is for Jarell and Boog came from boogie.
he is so fine and i betcha his lips taste like a bottle of good old wine.
he's sexy, handsome, smart and very talented.
one day, he'll be mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He makes girls go wild and i like his
i can tell by the way he presents hisself that he is also, a very respectful person.
His very ambitious and he is a leader in his own way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
his sign is a leo and the animal that represents leos is a lion. As we all know, lions are the kings of the jungles. He can be my king and i would gladly be his queen.
by Kimmie October 1, 2004
im boredid cuz i cant talk to my baby right now
by Kimmie September 25, 2003
A very fine girl of Scottish and Asian descent; everyone wants to boof her and be her.
That crazy Scasian was wearing her rice hat today while playing her bagpipes; I totally wish I could be her.
by Kimmie January 7, 2004
Any useless or needless item that you can't part with.

"crap of the day"
Nancy: "What the hell is this?"
Faith: "What, the foil origami cranes?"
Kim: "It's the 'crap du jour'."
by Kimmie January 26, 2004
To mean the level of how someone is feeling. It can mean both good and bad depending on the way it is said.
"I'm feeling fabby!!!!" said enthusiastically to mean feeling very good.
by Kimmie August 21, 2004