Cool Japanese art where you fold a piece of paper a million times until it becomes a stegosaurus.
by Ding Dong January 1, 2004
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The Japanese art of paperfolding, the name deriving from two Japanese words, "ori" meaning to fold, and "kami" meaning paper.
Origami is intricate and delicate, amusing and entertaining, beautiful yet inexpensive, and made from one of man's most versatile creations. No wonder origami was revered by the ancient Japanese, adored by children around the world and throughout the ages, and is now regarded as a creative and sophisticated art form.
by 0r194m1 March 30, 2005
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The cabling in a high-end gaming computer, installed to be visually appealing and precise. The case will have a window on the side and be illuminated inside to display the fine craftsmanship.
The power supply on my origami rig went out, and I spent several hours getting the cables on the new power supply looking just right.
by Le Marteau October 6, 2009
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Japanese art of Paper Folding

Seriously whipping someone in a fight
Look, I made this crane using Origami

I totally origamied his ass
by Cheezu$ June 6, 2003
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Eating while having a diarrhea
i had a origami yesterday
by gfink September 5, 2019
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the ancient Japanese art of folding paper to make it look like different shit
Japanese guy:Check out my origami! It's a crane!

White Guy:Looks more like a dog turd to me

Black guy: I think it looks like a piece of paper being held by an Asian with to much free time
by shurikid October 9, 2008
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1. Japanese art of paper folding.
2. A woman's labia minora (inner genital lips), especially if wrinkly or fringed.
I teased her clit briefly then concentrated on licking her origami until she was begging for some inside action.
by Danny A Kuhar April 9, 2007
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