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The casualties of masturbation.
"Oh my god," Brandon said as he saw my bed, "This is a major site of kitten death!"
by Killing Kittens May 18, 2004

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The most sincere and socially responsible reaction to self-awareness.
You could endd it all, but you just don't have the guts.
by Killing Kittens January 17, 2005

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"Philosophy- A route of many roads leading from nowhere to nothing." --Ambrose Bierce
It was late one night when I was on a road trip with my two friends, Brian and Laura, when we decided to pull over to the side of the road and retire.

"Looks like you'll be sleeping in the car while Laura and I have the tent," Brian said.

"Here's the blanket," he continued, "You'll be fine with this, won't you?"

"Yeah," I said.

"Are you sure?"

"How is one sure of anything?"

"Or that there is any thing to be sure of," he added.

We both nodded, contemplating the profundity.
by Killing Kittens October 06, 2004

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Sexual arousal derrived from trees.
Dendrophilia by Promiscuous Corndog © 2002

Written by Bobbert Mackenzie & Jay Best

Today, I humped a tree

I had to pee

No place to go but behind a tree

I saw

A hollow knothole

So I said to myself

I’ll give it a go

I humped a tree

I humped a tree

I humped a tree


The cops got me

They had to stop me

They threw me in jail

That’s where you come in

I need you to pay my bail

I humped a tree

I humped a tree

They threw me in jail

I humped a tree

I humped a tree

They threw me in jail

by Killing Kittens October 07, 2004

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There are four major definitions of this word, in order of importance:

1. Genus, species, or kind. Up until about 30,000 years ago, there were other races of humans, which included Neanderthals and Archaics, but they are thought to have been indirectly out-competed by modern Homo sapiens.

2. Any competition of speed or display of rapid movement.

3. Any fictional sentient species featured in fantasy or science fiction literature that is effectively human for purposes of characterization. In role-playing games, different races (i.e. elves, dwarves, humans, halflings etc.) can be selected for play, each with it's own inherent advantages and disadvantages.

4. A word wrongly applied to refer to the 6 major populations of modern Homo sapiens, which bear different skin colors but no important genetic differences.
"Would you date a person of another race?" some dude on a foum asked me.

"If she were an elf, half-elf, or halfling, maybe. Otherwise no." I replied.
by Killing Kittens October 06, 2004

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A genus of mongolian dromaeosaurid living about 80 million years ago during the late Cretaceous. It was a small and nimble creature about 6 feet long, bird-like in structure, with a narrow, flattened head and an enlarged "killing claw" on the second toe. The arms ended in three-fingered hands with flexible wrists that could be "folded" like those of a bird.

They were probably quite social as well, and there is also evidence to support that they were nasty to each other as well as their prey. An overwhelming piece of evidence suggests that Velociraptor preyed on the ceratopside Protoceratops, as one specimen was found gripping the head frill of the latter with it's foot claw in the creature's belly. The Protoceratops, in turn, was apparently biting the Velociraptor's arm with it's horny beak and ramming it's bony head into the raptor's chest. What calamity claimed the lives of both creatures is unknown.

Velociraptor, of course, was popularized by the Jurassic Park films and portrayed inaccurately. The so-called raptors in the films are much too big (Deinonychus-sized), would almost certainly have had feathers, and were not as fast as cheetahs or as smart as monkeys. Instead, raptors may have been about as smart as birds of prey.

Other Dromaeosaurid genera include Deinonychus, Dromaeosaurus, Utahraptor, Adasaurus, Variraptor, Megaraptor, Saurornitholestes, Sinornithosaurus, Bambiraptor, and Rhahonavis.
Velociraptor was one mean little SOB who could dish it out, but not take it.
by Killing Kittens June 09, 2004

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Spinosaurus aegyptiacus was a highly unusual theropod dinosaur that lived in Egypt and Morocco around 90 million years ago. It is distinctly different from other carnosaurs in the respect that it has an unusually high vertibrae on it's back that give it a giant fin or sail, about 6 feet high, the purpose of which is not understood. It may have served as a cooling device, for heat dissipation or a sexual signal. Interestingly enough, an iguanodont from the same place at almost the same time, Ouranosaurus, had a similar sail.

The jaws of Spinosaurus are narrow and crocodile-like, and the teeth are straight and not serrated like those of Tyrannosaurus. This feature is very similar to the theropods Baryonyx and Suchomimus, both of which were probable fish-eaters.

Spinosaurus is known only from fragments, the first specimen was unfortunately destroyed during World War II. It is estimated that the beast was collosal, perhaps measuring 50 feet in length, but these are only estimates. It seems that although the creature may have been longer than Tyrannosaurus, it had a more slender build.

Pound for pound, both relatively and absolutely, Tyrannosaurus rex is the more formidable animal, despite what the movie Jurassic Park 3 depcits. T.rex would be heavier, more powerfully musculed, and have a much stronger bite than Spinosaurus.
If Tyrannosaurus and Spinosaurus ever fought in real life, T.rex would win, hands down!
by Killing Kittens June 09, 2004

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