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n. An intense rush of intellectual fervor or excitement in response to a stimulus such as recognizing a literary allusion in "The Simpsons" or finally understanding how to do that advanced calculus problem or even just anything really cool. Usually accompanied by inability to formulate actual words and an intense enthusiasm about the subject that induced the braingasm.
That geek had the biggest braingasm after she saw LotR:RotK.
by Keri January 28, 2004

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W woman or man orgasming more then once in a row
I never had a multiple orgasms
by Keri February 05, 2004

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A lazy sod that does no work, just avoids it like the plague.
Can't be arsed to do anymore work today, who's up for a bit of procrastination ?
by Keri April 23, 2004

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the hottest boy band ever made of 5 boys: jesse mccartney,chris trousdale,matt ballinger,greg raposo,frankie galasso
tonight dream street is performing as aaron carter's opening act
by keri August 14, 2003

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Is one of the greatest bands on earth....buy their new cd....it rocks
If you've never heard of Matchbook Romance download the songs My Eyes Burn, Promise, PLaying For Keeps....then buy the cd
by Keri September 21, 2004

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Obviously, an offspring from the word "nob". And, actually, it means pretty much the same thing.
Oh my God you're such a Nobbard
by Keri January 26, 2005

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James is my man!!
by keri February 08, 2004

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