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11 definitions by Keri

the hottest boy band ever made of 5 boys: jesse mccartney,chris trousdale,matt ballinger,greg raposo,frankie galasso
tonight dream street is performing as aaron carter's opening act
by Keri August 14, 2003
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u stick this thing up ur choosie and then is normally for older women who need a cleaning in their vagina
i stuck the dushe bag up my ass before reading the instructions.
by Keri June 15, 2003
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Obviously, an offspring from the word "nob". And, actually, it means pretty much the same thing.
Oh my God you're such a Nobbard
by Keri January 26, 2005
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A lazy sod that does no work, just avoids it like the plague.
Can't be arsed to do anymore work today, who's up for a bit of procrastination ?
by Keri April 23, 2004
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by Keri February 9, 2004
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the best fucking motox group in the world with hot guys like deegan and twitch :D
by Keri August 20, 2003
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it's a kids way of saying pash but it sounds better as lash
sam and nicole are going to have a lash at lunchtime under the big oak tree.
by Keri February 19, 2005
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