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You. As in the person sitting right here reading this definition.
you are a sexy beast.
by Kelli November 20, 2003

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a women with loose morals and probably without knickers...
man, tania is such a skank she was bobbing up and down in the back of a car with 4 guys and a video camera.....
by kelli January 26, 2004

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aggressive, tension, eagerly trying somthing
He grestly found the papers.
by kelli February 08, 2004

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something soooo sexy it makes your insides like puddin
"that boy is sooo fine, he's like sexy puddin!"
by kelli November 10, 2003

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ass load of money
i got a lot of chingy
by kelli July 11, 2003

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Adj. Men or women who look greasy and have bad teeth in particular, and bad hygiene and dirty or ripped up clothes, in general. They sleep with everyone they can possibly get and probably carry STDs.
N. Scurve
Dude, don't get on her, she's scurvy.

Don't go after him, he's a scurve.
by Kelli January 05, 2005

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Best reality show out there.

The Fab Five take on the project of making over a straight man who has no idea what to do with himself. Usually put on this how by a girlfriend or wife who wants to see their spouse made over.
carson kressley is hot!
by kelli December 25, 2004

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