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A person who gets excited about the learning aspect of school. They love to learn and they almost shit their pants when they get anything lower than a B-, although getting a B- is nothing to brag about in their opinion. They will find a friend who is as into school and learning as they are, and will have conversations about what they will major in college, their grades, and their joint love of reading. Sometimes when they hang out, they end up reading together. School geeks most likely will not look like a typical geek. They could be physically attractive with a large penis just as well as a bespecled nobody. If they are girls, they will be attractive, but sort-of outsiders, not of their own will, but of others. They might be a teacher's pet.
"Oh my god, the first day of school is coming up and I'm so excited!"
"Me too! I got a bunch of really cool notebooks looks at them. *Shows them* oh, and did I mention that I'm taking an AP course this year?

"Seriously dude? Me too! Oh, and I love your notebooks they are so you."

"We are such school geeks..."

"I know right?"
by RaWr_ImMa_DiNo March 04, 2016
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