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What urban dictionary should be renamed to, as most of the site's definitions directly pertain to or allude to sexual affairs.
My parents never gave me a talk about the birds and the bees, so I went on urbandictionary.com instead.
by Katsu March 25, 2005

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When used in the manner to denigrate, it is a superficial umbrella statement asserted against youths between the 13-19 age bracket. The word's negative connotations stem from the actions of the minority of adolescents who typically display qualities and proclivities that can be construed as unappreciative, lame and otherwise emo. While these behaviors only account for a small percentage of the group, the majority of the demographic demonstrates responsibility by involving themselves with extracurricular activities and organizations, striving for academic excellence, holding a job, performing chores, volunteering their time and services to charitable causes, AND coming home in time for curfew.

Fellow teenagers who demonstrate ageism toward their own peers are generally anti-social, bandwagon-jumping slapwads who try too hard to appear edgy and enlightened, thus categorizing them with other lameass individuals of their age bracket; this behavior can only be encapsulated with the term "teenager," by their defintion.
No, not all teenagers are drug toking, binge drinking, baby making chimpanzees from hell. However, if you do insist on exercising your right to be a misanthropist, the moral of this definition is to hate the individual, or the subculture, and not the entire group.
by Katsu April 30, 2005

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(n.) One who follows the philosophy of existentialism.

Existentialists get a bad rap due to the fact that some retards treat it as if it's a philosophy of despair. However, it's quite the contrary. While the philosophy does state that life has no meaning, the notion is not intended to make the individual powerless, but rather empowered to live life with a sense of exuberance and accomplishment in order to give meaning to his/her existence.

Furthermore, existentialism emphasizes individuality and personal responsibility for the ramifications that come with being an individual. Since the individual possesses the freedom of choice to choose his/her experiences and non-experiences, he/she is solely the one responsible for the consequences that come with these actions and non-actions.

In layman's terms, you shouldn't be a bitch and direct the finger of blame at somebody else for the shitty decisions you make in the process of finding yourself.

(adj.) Genearlly, a bullshit term the valley girls of the intellectual world will apply to describe, fallaciously(!!!), something synonymous to "angsty/edgy but, still, like, totally cool." These sentiments further tarnish the existentialist movement.
1. See also: The works of Jean Paul Sartre.
2. Ohmigawd, your lj poetry is, like, sOoO giving me an existentialist vibe.
by Katsu May 08, 2005

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Slang for a gay couple. Implies that there are two flamboyant males--queens--in the relationship.
Turmoil broke out in the royal family when Steven got jealous of his boyfriend's tiara.
by Katsu May 08, 2005

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Ecchi is the pronunciation for the letter 'H'. It is a word for lewd or perverted and often related to hentai - especially in Japanese, where ecchi is slang for hentai. More often than not, though, ecchi is used to describe people rather than things such as anime.
He has H on the mind.

I think the people who wrote this are ecchi.
by Katsu February 22, 2005

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To add to the definition above, the song title is an allusion to Nazi Germany's WWII slogan, "Deutschland Uber Alles"--"Germany Over Everything." So California Uber Alles translates into "California Over Everything"
Close your eyes, can't happen here
Big Bro' on white horse is near
The hippies won't come back you say
Mellow out or you will pay

California! Uber alles!
Uber alles! California!

Now It Is 1984....
by Katsu May 14, 2005

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Somebody who practices existentialism. In bed.
I'm quite the existentialist. In bed.
by Katsu May 08, 2005

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