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Another name for a camel toe.

When a chick's pants or knickers or swim-suit is sooo tight that she splits her beaver for you to see.
"Sweet Jesus, that slut give herself a damn fine front wedgie. Man I could count her pubes."
by Wizards Sleeve July 02, 2006
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When a woman accidental puts her thong/ g-string on backwards, where the smaller triangle is uncomfortably wedged in the front.
While putting on her panties in the dark, she put them on backwards and got a front wedgie
by calijj May 10, 2009
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The act of going to a Levi's store at the outlet mall and buying a shirt with a fucked up front pocket which was intentionally designed, cutting a hole in it and then proceeding to go to the nearest middle school, putting your dick through said hole and then taking a selfie behind a dumpster while watching kids play dodgeball, illegally.
Deviant: "Oi mate, so I was drunk as hell off soccer mom drinks and took what I thought were birth control pills, and I pulled off a Front Wedgie broooooah!!!"

Clerk: "Dude who the fuck are you? This is a 7-11. Are you going to buy some ice cream or just stand there with that Front Wedgie?"

Deviant: "So the weathers nice. Also throw in some condoms, I'm subbing for the math teacher this week"

Clerk: "Will that be cash or credit?"
by Dave_The_Goat_Fucker August 20, 2018
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