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In college, one who stays in their room for countless hours on end without ever coming out until they grow long hair and toenails.
John had to endure countless jibes and jeers after he finally decided to stop being a room hobbit and emerged from his room with a man mane that came out from his pants, extending down his leg trunks to his jagged, witch toenails.
by Katharsis September 16, 2009

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Forgetting the name of the Hebrew National hotdog brand and having a complete epiphany and explaining to another what a jew dog is (a hebrew national hotdog)

Also referred to as the jew dog on a jewish person with whiskey dick syndrome
"Hey Kate, what is the name of those poser hot dogs that they call jew dog?"
by Katharsis September 12, 2009

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When you fart first thereby accidentally triggering the shitting mechanism which releases nasty diarrhea and wet turds in your pants
When Fred discovered that his girlfriend was pregnant, he was so shocked that he fashit in his pants.
by Katharsis September 16, 2009

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When a ocean lifeguard on a stand shits his or her pants and has to wash themselves off when there is no other option.
"Dude, I had to pull an aquawipe at work today."
by Katharsis September 16, 2009

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When a father carries an infant in the front of his pants because his arms are sore. Like a kangaroo.
holy fecal material! Why is their a baby in your man pouch?
by Katharsis April 18, 2009

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Area of shaved skin between a mans anus and grundel.
Ichabod's barren strip of skin was inflamed by the reoccuring crabs.
by katharsis April 18, 2009

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any male body hair that is very curly; specifically back-leg hair and pubic hair
"Hey Don! Bill left another batch of curly jeffersons in the shower after his weekly trimming."
by Katharsis March 29, 2009

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