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(Coined by the infamous Kevin Hart during a live interview):

(adj.): A person or figure who is snap-finger famous is one whose cultural relevance balances between nonexistent and barely tangible.
*starts snapping fingers rhythmically*

"Aw, shit- what's that one useless bitch's name again?... Yeah, that one-"
*continues snapping fingers while furiously attempting to jog the memory*
"Yeah! That Kim Kardashian bitch, that's the one."

(snap-finger famous)
by Katanamaru June 12, 2019
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The action of using non-verbal techniques to powerfully communicate or impart an idea to another party.
Ryan’s 6 months were long up. He owed big money to the local residing MC, and too much time had passed.
Jackson was the newest prospect in the Storm Riders, and these men wanted to see if the new kid had what it took to ride with them. John, the Enforcer, stepped up to Jackson for some final words of advice.
“Here you go, kid. .357 Sig P226, with 2 mags on the side. You’ll have enough to wipe out the lying fucker and collect that shiny new bike he keeps hidden in that shithole garage of his. He’s been holding out on us, and we want our money back. Do it right, and we’ll call you brother next time we see you. You, son- today you’ve got a chance to prove yourself to our crew. And you’re gonna do it by sending a message.”
by Katanamaru July 12, 2019
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A utility/fighting knife first issued to the USMC during WWII. It served as a can opener, a trench digger, a log splitter, and proved useful in cutting roots, wire, and cable. Of course, when necessary, the Ka-Bar also proved quite useful in creating rather impressively large wound channels in the flesh of its targets. For the larger part of a century, this knife and its adapted variants accompanied the men who lived and died for the United States. Despite its rather dated design, this tool to this date maintains its value in the eyes of those who are always prepared.
From Marvel's "The Punisher":

Frank: "I gotta tell you, I do approve of your choice of weapons. What you picked, that's called a Ka-Bar. It's a Marine's best friend. You know, up close, I'd rather have this than any firearm. You see, with a gun, the target can get lucky. A bullet can miss what's important. But not with this. You slide it in, you guide it through and you rip right into the parts of a man that make him dead. There's no luck in that."
by Katanamaru January 12, 2020
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A common typo made in a bout of horniness.
*Type type type...* Pornhun... Search
*Retypes...* Pornhub... Search
by Katanamaru October 13, 2016
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Est. 1992, the Rooftop Koreans made history as a hastily formed group of Korean-Americans who defended their businesses and livelihoods during the L.A. riots. Their numbers largely consisted of volunteers: mostly shop owners and whoever accepted the call to arms- friends, family, and community members alike. The LAPD had largely abandoned the Korean-American community in their greatest time of need (go ahead, look it up), leaving small business owners in Koreatown to essentially fend for themselves against opportunistic looters and thieves. Their spirit has left a profound mark on American small business owners to this day, representing a rallying cry of eternal vigilance against rabid mobs of looters and in more modern days, herds of alleged "anti-fascists" and "peaceful protestors".

Some of the most memorable imagery and live footage of the '92 riots captures the moments when Korean-Americans armed themselves with whatever firearms they could get their hands on and provided overwatch from the rooftops of their privately owned shops and markets (hence the name Rooftop Koreans).

It is worth noting every Korean male is required to provide 2 years of mandatory service in the Republic of Korea Armed Forces.
Give a Korean immigrant a life in the United States, and he'll be the proudest American of them all. But should you choose to burn his home and torch his livelihood, you'll have to deal with the feared Rooftop Koreans: an unstoppable community and force of nature, hailing from the eagle-screeching patriotism of the founding fathers of the U.S. of-fucking-A and the South Korean mainland.
by Katanamaru June 12, 2020
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(noun) Chomo Attracted Hunting Knife.

The only acceptable response for those who recognize, validate, or identify as Minor Attracted Persons, or MAPs.

Chomo Attracted Hunting Knives or, CAHK is an umbrella term that includes all chomo attracted hunting knives rather than just knives in general. The list includes, but is not limited to the following:

Skinner: (Typically has a wide, short blade. The edge is strong and has little to no flexibility or spring. Useful in removing the hides of its targets.)

Guthook: (Blade in which the spine has a sharpened semi-circle ground into it. Often used by hunters for field dressing, the "hook" in the spine is placed in a small cut in the the underside of the target and pulled like a zipper. Its purpose is to split the skin of the target in gutting operations of field dressing by hooking over the skin, and being pulled along to sever it. The small hook opens the abdomen of the target without slicing into the muscle, possibly affecting the quality of the meat.)

Shank/Shiv: (An improvised cutting or stabbing implement. A shank, or shiv starts its life as anything ranging from a glass shard with fabric tightly wrapped around one end, to a razor blade stuck in the end of a toothbrush. Often lovingly fashioned and enthusiastically applied by members of the cell block to the chest and neck areas of inmates who fall into the category of "Minor Attracted Persons".)
There are those who align themselves with the values of Minor Attracted Persons, or MAPs.

And then there are those who in their infinite wisdom, have only one response:

the CAHK, or the Chomo Attracted Hunting Knife.
by Katanamaru April 15, 2020
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(verb) usu., issued as a command:

A phrase typically directed at one loudly complaining about their First World Problems.
"But I wanted a WHITE iPhone for Christmas, dad!!!"
"You're bitching about the color, now? Cry harder, cupcake. You're 17 years old, and it's high time you look for a fuckin job. Be thankful I got your leeching ass anything at all."
by Katanamaru August 4, 2019
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