67 definitions by Karen Stickney

1)Country and blues music for the punk generation

2) Mature artistry that is overlooked by people who prefer misogynic music like gangsta rap, pop-rap, hardcore rap, most hard rock, certain R&B, and pop that only cares about sex
1)Emo is considered country and blues for the punk generation because it talks about the same things country and blues talk about--your lover leaving you and you think you can't go on without them-- yet it gets dissed while country and blues don't. What is wrong with this picture?

2) Anybody who claims emo is overwrought hasn't truely listened to it and are just hating on it because they're told it's cool to not express your emotions.

by Karen Stickney September 10, 2006
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to encourage bad behavior, habits, etc.
Erin's parents enable her and her brother by giving them cigarettes just after he had just quit smoking. If you're a smoker or have other addictions and have parents like hers, don't count on quitting because they will just lure you back into your old addictions.
by Karen Stickney May 20, 2007
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phrase beginning smokers say to their parents (and rarely, children, spouses, or siblings, and very rarely, grandchildren) when they are told it's unhealthy for them and such people tell them not to continue
Mother: "You've been smoking, haven't you? I can smell it on your clothes even when you tried to cover it up."
Daughter (angry and embarassed): "Mother! There's so much stress in my life, so I need to smoke, okay?! Daddy keeps putting on that shitty rap channel and it stresses me out, so smoking will calm it down".
Mother: "Watch your mouth there, young lady. Don't let that bother you. He's just teasing you and you know it. And, you won't smoke anymore or he'll hear about it".
Daughter: "I won't smoke at home, okay? I'll just do it outside the home, and I'll cover it up when I'm done. No one here will suspect a thing."
Mother: "You won't do it anywhere! You're done with it now!"
by Karen Stickney November 4, 2007
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a cliche that hard rockers of the 1960s,1970s, 1980s, and to some extent, the 1990s and today, follow, saying that these are all rock and roll songs are supposed to be about: banging groupies, taking lots of drugs, mistreating women, and rock and roll music, when we know that there's more to sing about than that stuff

2) the reason why grunge kicked out hair metal

3) the reason why everyone hates emo
1)The main reason people like the Buckcherry song "Crazy Bitch" is that it follows the tired old "sex, drugs, and rock n roll" trend that has been in effect since the 1960s. Besides, who needs to hear them call someone a bitch? The National Organization for Women should get this song off the radio! The only difference between the rock songs of the 1960s and Buckcherry's song is that Buckcherry's song has cussing.

2) All hair metal was doing was following the unneeded "sex, drugs, and rock n roll" trend, and Nirvana knew that there was more to rock than that, so they kicked the hair metal musicians' sorry butts to the curb. Unfortunately, this trend is making a comeback, and it really needs to die!

3) Sex, drugs, and rock n roll is a stupid trend, and emo is actually meaningful than all the songs that follow this trend. Emo cares about the music; the artists that follow this trend only care about excesses, and that's what emo haters expect emo artists to sing about, when in reality, emo is far deeper than this moronic hard rock. Anyone can do this trend; few people can do emo.
by Karen Stickney November 3, 2006
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the majority of Urban Dictionary's definitions
Every time I've looked up food phrases on Urban Dictionary, they've all had sexual definitions.
by Karen Stickney December 10, 2006
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A merging of the names Sharon and Rhonda
Arthur: "Someone named Sharonda is interested in me".

Me: "You better not let Mike hear you say that because he thinks I'm your real girlfriend, not her".

Arthur: "And, you better not let him hear about Tyrone, either, or he'll think we're cheating on each other with these people".
by Karen Stickney June 3, 2007
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Me: "Joseph Andrew, it's impossible to smoke and not have your parents find out. I got ratted on for doing it, and so did you".

Joe: "It's not imposssible. You just have to be smooth".
by Karen Stickney July 11, 2008
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