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Your average retarded subhuman Liberal that constantly shills for Cultural Marxist plagues like Faggotry, Feminism, Trannyism, Miscegenation, Mass-illegal immigration, Welfare, Indoctrination and sexual abuse of children by the hand of faggots in drag, etc. Basically a worthless parasitic ingrate vermin who moans about everything that’s traditional and good and pathetically shills for everything that destroys civilizations.
Oh look another retarded Libfag who wants our taxpayer money to be wasted on illegal aliens.
by KYSF4gs November 30, 2021
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A pathetic overused normie “insult” used by retarded normalfags to call anyone they simply disagree with. Its mainly used by the mongoloids who use reddit, twitter and tiktok because these sheeple subhumans have limited vocabulary because of their profound mental retardation. So they retardedly spam the clown emoji like the overgrown children they are.
Anon: Only complete retards use Wikipedia as credible source.

Normalfag: Look at this clown trying to badmouth Wikipedia.
Anon: *Sigh*..KYS, retard.
by KYSF4gs November 14, 2021
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Any left-leaning subhuman. Leftists are so fucking retarded that majority of them retardedly believe trannyfags who LARP as females are biological women, race and gender is social construction, women are stronger and smarter than men, humans evolved from a fucking fish, men can get pregnant, communism is a wonderful ideology that works, women and minorities in the west are muh oppressed, diversity is our strength, faggotry or homosexuality is natural, masks work, every vaccine is totally save, there’s a billion genders, etc.
Leftist: We need to raise taxes so we can feed these totally not illegal immigrants.

Conservative: Go back to eating shit or better yet go do the world a favor and blow your brains out, retard.
by KYSF4gs November 14, 2021
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A race traitorous genetic dead-end subhuman filth who polluted her/his genetics or bloodline by racially mixing with other races and having repulsive mutts as children.
Most of these retarded worthless race defilers choose hedonism over their forefathers and are product of Cultural Marxism. These degenerates were brainwashed by the leftist media and (((Hollywood))) to have mongrelized children that don’t look like them in any way so there’s less of their kind in the near future. Its basically a slow genocide and only complete retards deny it.
by KYSF4gs November 14, 2021
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Also known as ResetEra. Its a shithole of a “gaming” forum where mentally retarded libfaggots like trannies and bulldykes autistically screech and moan about games, companies and devs that don’t suck off their Cultural Marxist agenda like adding trannies, faggots and wahmen for the sake of muh diversity. And when they’re not demanding that game devs should pander to them (even though they are retarded filthy casuals who don’t play games), then they are pathetically sperging out that some company or some dev hurt their poor shitty feefees. Its a basically if Tumblr was a forum.
RetardEra infester: This game needs to be muh inclusive and diverse so the main character must be a rainbow-haired lardassed nose-pierced trannyfaggot that has nothing to with the game or else I’m going to chimpout and try to doxx the devs waaaaaaah.
Anyone with a brain: Please go do the world a favor and end your worthless life by slitting your cum infested throat, you fucking worthless mongoloid.
by KYSF4gs November 18, 2021
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Your typical internet using brainlet. Normalfags are mentally fucking retarded sheeple subhumans who listen, watch, read, play, buy and do anything mainstream popular. These bluepilled mongoloids automatically believe every little shit on the internet or news especially when it comes to history and will autistically screech at you if you don’t praise their overhyped entertainment and device like its the best thing ever. They retardedly think like others and are known for sperging out and going full moralfag whenever someone says something politically incorrect or mean shit because they’re sheltered pussies who live in their imaginary faggy world.

Basically, they’re your average consoomer: Applefags, Redditfags, Twitterfags, TikTokfags, Marvelfags, Netflixfags, Sonyfags, Libfags.
Only retarded filthy Normalfags buy Apple devices, watch anything popular on shitty Netflix, play Fortnite and use the shithole known as TikTok.
by KYSF4gs December 13, 2021
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