45 definition by KT

Someone who is just so fucking ugly..too ugly for words..
"Man, that chick/guy is SFUGLY
by KT May 10, 2003

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(n.) A good set of tits. Often an abbreviation for the longer term - dan marino.
"What do you think of those dambos"

"Dan Marino's been playing well lately"
by KT August 18, 2003

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Some thing is Crap but good at the same time!
Wot a crapptastic day i had
by Kt March 24, 2004

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Means "Who Cares" or "Wtf?"
Person #1 : "Man, Ima fail that test"
Person #2 : "Meh.."
by KT May 10, 2003

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Phrase moaned quickly and used to confuse people who have no idea what you're talking about. Usually followed by the phrase " SPMHA " or " BIIMA ".
"Hey, is Sean there?" "Oh my god, Big Billy"
by kT September 23, 2003

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Saying bye... sort of like "later"
I gotta go... deuce!
by kt November 25, 2004

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what cranbrook preps say to avoid cursing the scottish play, Macbeth.
"This production of Macbizzle is like totally going to be the best play ever, even if it is scottish!"
by KT December 27, 2003

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