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Macintosh is a computer operating system that is created by Apple to try to make computer life fuller, crisper, cleaner, and better on many levels. The Macintosh website has many legitimate reasons to buy a Mac that PC fanboys will claim are stupid, myths, or standard on their PC.

Unlike other computers, Macintosh comes with programs you will use and programs that make it easier to manage your files.

Those who give thumbs down to this entry are PC fanboys, and have probably never tried a Mac, and believe any PC is just fine with an anti-virus, even though, to an extent, it does slow the computer down.

Macintosh is also a computer assembled completely in one place by the people who write the software. Apple builds their own computer, and therefore, know what runs best with their Operating system, whereas other operating systems are hit-and-miss.
User 1: Dammit, man, stop trying to send me stuff, I told you, my Windows vista just crashed from viruses and won't work anymore. You know what it is right?

Smarter guy: No actually, I don't have to worry about that with my Macintosh.

User 1: Yeah, I bet that thing took forever to download all your programs.

Smarter guy: No actually, all the programs I use came with my macintosh already installed.
by KT JDDD August 10, 2010
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This saga of books was derived from Stephanie Meyer's sick twisted fantasies, as admitted by the author herself. This book involves the following

-Two people falling in love purely for looks
-lack of character dynamics
-a creepy abusive vampire being accepted as an ideal boyfriend
-Vampires being portrayed as blood-thirsty fairies
-lack of knowledge of the difference between a ware wolf and an Animagus
-A Mary Sue who seems to know NOTHING about anything around her.
-lack of basic knowledge of chromosomes

Half of the paragraphs only talk about edward's eyes, and the other half are blunt, dull actions written out with overused words. This book seems to support necrophelia, pedophelia, and suicidal actions being taken because someone broke up with you.

In other words, don't read this book. And all the thumbs down for this are twilight fangirls who think they know everything.
Person1: have you read the Twilight Saga?
Person2: No, I read harry potter. JK Rowling actually knows something about magic and mythical creatures and relationships.


Retard 1: I just wrote a book based on my sexual fantasy
Retard 2: Great, another twilight saga.
Retard 1: Actually, I know what a vampire is, and I know ware wolves don't change at will and forgot who they really are. Besides, I don't even have those characters.
Retard 2: I guess that's okay.
by KT JDDD August 10, 2010
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This saga has absolutely little to no plot except for a girl and guy supposedly falling in love. However, there are so many things wrong with this book that it's not even funny.

There are also too many rants about this book flooding Youtube, and all of them are, how I say, accurate when put intelligently.

This book features: vampires that are portrayed as blood-thirsty fairies; Two people falling in love only because they think the other is sexy; failure to understand the difference between a ware wolf and an animagus; a plot that has nearly no twists or turns; two tools to lure fangirls into wanting to believe that a vampire or ware wolf would be the perfect guy; six hundred paragraphs only talking about vampire eyes; and one author's sexual fantasy.

Let's not forget, it also portrays that a creepy abusive stalker boyfriend as the perfect guy.

That's only 8 out of many other reasons you should hate Twilight.
Person 1: I just wrote a book on my sexual fantasies!

Person 2: Oh great, not another twilight saga.

Person 1: Oh, No, I actually know what a Vampire is.

Person 2: that makes it a little better.

Person 1: I also know a ware wolf can't change at will. Besides I'm not even using those creatures.

Person 2: Better still, just don't publish it.
by KT JDDD August 10, 2010
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A monster found in Legend of Zelda with 4 limbs, one eye, and hops on water.
I cannot believe I died to a tektite. I suck at this game.
by KT JDDD January 23, 2011
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Windows mobile is a language written for phones that has been widely accepted and is the Microsoft answer to the Apple iPhone. Windows Mobile is a computer based system, and is often referred to as PocketPC or Smartphone. Although, it's supposed to be a "smart" phone, this system is anything otherwise.

This phone cannot automatically handle anything but contact information and downloaded sounds, but let's you mess with the program like you know what you're doing, resulting in many phones being returned.

This phone has no free applications, and still require a high scale business in order to work like a phone. It's ringtones set for texts are not cancelled by opening the text, resulting in text ringtones needing to be less than 10 seconds. This phone, although it's supposed to be smart, still requires cell phone service and a data plan to use the internet, and still runs too slow on the net.

The only smart thing about this phone is that it may read windows media content and use them for videos and ringtones. Other than that, it sucks.
I was going to call you, but my stupid windows mobile phone wouldn't quit any of it's apps, so the battery was completely wasted by the time I remembered.
by KT JDDD August 10, 2010
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False accusations against Macintosh and Apple that uneducated windows users tell to other computer illiterate in efforts to prevent Macintosh from gaining more market share. These things are also said to make Mac users feel dumb, stupid, bad, or snobby. These rumors include but are not limited to:

Macintosh is overpriced/expensive
Macintosh is not compatible with anything that Apple didn't make.
Macintosh computers cannot run games.
Macintosh is less secure.
Macintosh locks you in to using only Apple products
Macintosh does not have any good programs.

None of these rumors are true, and all can be disproved with just a little research. Still, most computer users are too illiterate or stupid to figure anything out for themselves. These users make up 70% of Windows users who are only looking for a cheap computer, resulting in unfair game for Microshit.
Guy1: Once I stopped listening to all the Mac rumors and bought one for myself, I was the happiest computer user on earth.

Guy2: I told you that your other friends have no idea what they're talking about.

Guy1: I know. Thank you so much, I'll never put up with Microshit again.
by KT JDDD January 23, 2011
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Boyce Avenue is an acoustic band that uses poetic mueses as lyrics and actual instruments in their music. Their poetry is written by the lead singer, as well as the music, and is actually about things that happen in life other than clubbing, drinking, drugs, and/or sex.

They also do acoustic covers of good songs from different artists and spark interest in those songs in the acoustic community.

The poetry of this band is interpreted in thousands of different way while still maintaining clear messages. This level of poetry is one that would even rival Coldplay, and is put to a rivaling upbeat rock genre.
I didn't like "No Air" until I heard a cover of it done by Boyce Avenue. In fact, I still don't like how the original artist does it.
by KT JDDD October 9, 2010
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