Another Long Island/Westchester, but in the sunny Florida Coast.
1) Are you from Long Island?
2) Nah, I'm from Boca
1) Same shit
by lisux April 28, 2005
A city in southern Florida that is best known for two things:
1) FAU (Florida Atlantic University)
2) Affluent Jewish New Yorkers
(the two are not related, thankfully)
Boca Raton Boca
by IndieOwl October 2, 2010
From the spanish words Boca Raton meaning Rat Mouth.

Place in south florida an hour Outside of Miami.

Full of unclassy rich people who think they are hot shit but really arent and try to prove that they are worth a damn. You want real class and money...go to Westchester and Greenwich....(Twin burbs of NYC)

Boca Raton is basicly a fantasy land full of plastic and lies.
Conversation between New Yorkers.

Brain"Yo man what are you doing for winter break?"

Harry"I think i might be going to Boca Raton."

Brian"Aw weak dude..that place creeps me out."

Harry"Yeah i know fucking weirdos."
by hogskins24 November 13, 2005
Rich Brats who think they are better than everyone. where the private middle schools are as hard as the high schools and they high schools are like law or medical school. If you dont have money you wont survive. if u don't have everything designer.. then you wont survive. The average house sells for about 2 million and people are more than willing to pay it.99 percent is on the ocean and the other 1 percent is 5 miniutes away
(person 1) hi im from Boca raton

o so ur rich and overly smart

umm yea pretty much
by sicknasty!!!! August 16, 2008
A city located in south Florida on the east side. Sits right on the beach. A beautiful place known for it's wealthy retired people. Not known really for Jewish people because they come down from New York and visit. Some people are nice and some people are rich snobs. Over all a cool place to live.
Some fucking assholes don't know how nice it is to live in such a beautiful place as Boca Raton.
by MaryofNazareth October 18, 2004
Had the spaniards known that it would be this bad, they would have bgone bak to Spain.
Boca raton= A bunch of people pretending to be stars and rich. Hey, I have news for them Alot of the wealthy people walking around don't need to brag and proselytize. They know they have money and therefore don't have to announce. Boca has a bunch of self entitled whining brats who grow up to be bimbos. Thank god they are concentrated in just this area- otherwise the it might be the end of Western civilization.
Guy drives up to restaurant in a re porsche. Girl( with fake boobs, lips and louis vuitton) sees him and runs out to the parking lot. Wants to have a drink with him, Has a drink , goes back to this apartment and guess what- the porsche is a leased car and he lives in a tiny room. Classic boca raton living right there!
A word that can only be said in a whispering, steady Italian voice. Let’s try a agaiN Boca raton. Canal water base with blazed pizza smoked flavor, it’s EXPENSIVE! But worth, every one of the 12 dollars. (), and Costco Kirkland vodka. note boca raton causes a blue flurry of enjoyment that is both amazing and terrifying as it’s risk is rare, but violent, episodes of incontinence specifically sensitive to vehicles and backseats. But the inventor says it’s worth it because “you can literally poop anywhere”. Charles from boca raton.
So he gave her the old Boca Raton and then she experienced great joy and fear for the rest of her evening and the potential climax
by JulesDub69 June 6, 2019