8 definitions by KENNY!

A FREE coaster/frisbee u get in the mail every other fucking week!
i broke an aol cd today!
by KENNY! May 11, 2004
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A Seattle/Tacoma/Puyallup radio thats sucks major sucks your mom's WHOLE FUCKING DILDO COLLECTION!!!!! U ARE A FUCKING PREP YOU LIKE IT!!!!!Same with if you like those shitty ass poopdick sucking reality shows on FOX!!!!
I will break into your house while your talking to your "friends" on AIM you fucking prep!!
by KENNY! February 1, 2005
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a subtitute for cock
Suck my cauc!
by KENNY! May 21, 2004
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What this guy in a auto said to me one time but i had no money
hey man want sum weed? sure but i have no money
by KENNY! June 24, 2004
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porn for l337 nerds. it usually involves porn like anal sex and dirty sanchez. but some types of Pr0n!!111 are very good.
i love watching Pr0n because my penis is the h0nri.
by KENNY! January 2, 2005
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Teh koolest DJ on the Seattle radio station 107.7 The End!
OMFG DJ NoName is teh koolest! W00t!
by KENNY! December 23, 2004
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hes a CWA
by KENNY! March 12, 2004
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