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A extremely crappy airsoft brand. Guns are lucky to even last a week. Though they seem to be getting better with their LPEG's (Low Powered Electric Gun)
by Kenny! February 27, 2005
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Very cheap shitty airsoft manufacture.Most airsoft guns last only a few seconds before breaking,which makes them cheap shit and they are not worth buying.
1st guy:I bought a CYMA Shotgun and it broke while shooting it.

Other guy:Man,those cyma shotguns are nothing but cheap shit!,i told you to buy the Gold AK-47 combat rifle.

1st guy:How the hell was i supposed to know?.

by latino14 August 01, 2010
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A very crappy brand of airsoft gun. They are inaccurate, low powered, and not durable. The lemon rate is something like 1 out of 10. Those who get even a good one will complain that they break within the first month of use.
Don't waste your money on them.
CYMA = Crapping Your Money Away
CYMA = Crap You Must Avoid
by Abhorsen88 September 26, 2006
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a "brand" of airsoft guns that are synonomous with crap
I bought a CYMA airsoft gun and it was a piece of shit.

I have taken shits that would be better to use in an airsoft battle.
by FOREVER MAN April 09, 2007
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