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A cross between a monster and a cunt
See that Lucy McRoberts? She's a munter.
by K March 17, 2004
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is t3h win!
N3XuS is teh win!
by K July 19, 2003
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The transition from normal to extrordary. In Hip Hop or all music forms diverse and versitle. Not sounding the same multi faceted. And oh yeah..Killing all these industry females
by K July 29, 2004
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A term for the drug PCP
by K September 15, 2003
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"damn he is so hot !! true like ice true like fire."
by K September 8, 2003
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Computer acronym that means Keyboard, Video, Mouse. Typically used by people who want to sound really elite when they're just plugging in a monitor, mouse, and keyboard
IT boss: "Plug in the KVM for all the new computers in this room"
by K February 24, 2005
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