4 definitions by JustKichiChan

Something you say whilst super annoyed
Fortnite: *collabs with BL3*
Me: fuckin’ hell, go kill yourself Epic
by JustKichiChan September 8, 2019
Me: I wonder where Fluffykins is
Other: Fluffykins?
Me: stuffed cat I lost
by JustKichiChan August 31, 2019
Something my girlfriend will randomly say
Me: I wuv chu bb
Girlfriend: owo daddy *moans*
by JustKichiChan September 19, 2019
Literally the trashiest thing ever, makes me wanna kill myself, also cancer
Me: yo what’s your favorite game? Mine’s Minecraft
Friend: Fortnite
Me: you’ll die young
by JustKichiChan September 8, 2019