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Describing a person who will only perform oral sex on a woman.
If my dick fell off i would become a professional womb gobbler
by Jtbagginurmom October 07, 2016

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A type of bitch that has so much carpet burn on her back from fucking that it looks like she has scales from the scabs.
Ok ok !

I did it.

I fucked that scaley back scank.
I hope she isnt poisonous.
by Jtbagginurmom October 10, 2016

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One who has anal sex with multiple corpses at one time.
The local mortuary will not hire me because i am a necrofecalfeliac.
by Jtbagginurmom October 24, 2016

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Symptom caused by meth use allows one to believe they are being followed.
When in fact they are not.
There's nobody there you fucking retard. Now get out of the tree and stop being a sketchstalker dumbass.
by Jtbagginurmom December 14, 2016

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These people are the greatest of all the haters.
Guy. I just got a raise at work!
Girl. That aint shit.
Guy. Screw you bitch, why are such a gladihater.
Girl. Huh?
Guy. Fuck off.
by Jtbagginurmom November 27, 2016

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A woman who has mastered the fine art of a good ole bj "sometimes with swallows"
There should be an award for dick sucking, because that bitch right there is a head master
by Jtbagginurmom October 08, 2016

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