temporary refridgerated storage for the deceased.
The police transported the body to the local mortuary.
by Inja September 5, 2006
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The most exciting and only sexual position that a women offers after children or the initial honeymoon period of a new relationship. Where once she screamed for more she know screams if you have the nerve to ask. Most importantly this variation of the missionary position 'comes' with the added pleasure of the feeling that her silence(unless you are told to hurry up) and motionless is horribly reminiscent of shagging a corpse or a first time religious teen that feels awkward
Mr Gideon - Come on babe, its been weeks

Miss D - For fucks sake, we have 3 kids and I want to watch council TV. Alright, if you are very quick. But no toys or fingers

Mr Gideon - Great..The mortuary position again
by Mr Gideon November 2, 2006
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A graveyard where all the lost bruh’s go to rest in the afterlife. When one’s bruh does not fully develop and as a result does not come out, it is left inside the head and dies as a result. We call those bruh mementos.
Funny jim: *Backflaps but fails*
Me: “- ...”
*Bruh dies*
*Bruh goes to the bruh mortuary*
by Cinccino November 19, 2020
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