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You are officially on a debt diet when you repitdly use phrase "Given the state of the economy...." or even simpler "I can't go out, I'm fucking broke."

Your budget constrains you to the essentials: Gas, Food, Weed. You have even backed off the dollar menu, because lets face it, even chicken nuggets are $1.19 at Wendy's now, and they charge for extra bbq sauce.

You have been reduced to eating salad, cold cuts and cereal, and live for free bagel Monday's at work.

Cigs? Forget it, you look for 2nd hand smoke.

You break down everything you do into dollar and cents.
"Hey lets go downtown tonight for drinks"

"What are you nuts!? 5 bucks a beer and 2.70 for a gallon of gas."
"I thought you were losing weight, I didnt know it was because of a debt diet!"

"i totally even forgot that it was Tuesday, no pizza for me tho, i'm spending as little as possible
i'm on debt diet"

"I haven't eaten solids in 2 weeks"
"Thats terrible for you, why"
"Fuck the south beach diet...I'm on the debt diet...CUP OF NOODLES BITCH"
by Jrockwhc June 02, 2009
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The Stoney Jabroni is a chronic chronic smoker. As this carnivore of cannibus crusises through life, puffing the magic dragon is a daily, often hourly event they pause only for the occasional yoga class or drug test. They will smoke before, during and after work, even on breaks to walk the dog. Overall, the Stoney Jabroni will end up melting into the couch and being the spokesperson for the local "Don't end up like this." PSA
"Shit that kid is a Stoney Jabroni"

"Look at that Stoney Jabroni, he looks like a pile of week old mash potatoes left in the sun."

"Next time we go over to Stoney Jabroni's house, make sure we bring our own febreeze, that place smelled like Snuf-a-lupogous' chode"
by Jrockwhc May 04, 2009
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Mushrooms. Plain and simple. However, this phrase refers to the 'shrooms that will have you prancing around like a pixie riding the back of a unicorn and taking a slide down the chocolate river running down The Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Combine recreation fungus in conjunction with:
Puff the Magic Dragon
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Willy Wonka (Not the Johnny Depp version)
Requiem for a Dream
Pink Floydd-The Wall
Venice Beach
Las Vegas

"Excuse me Sir, would you happen to know where I can acquire some recreational fungus for excursion to Vegas this weekend?"

"WARNING: This movie should be watched only if consuming large quantities of recreational fungus"
by Jrockwhc June 10, 2009
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Engaging in sexual intercourse between the hours of 1 and 4am.

Can also apply to sex occurring within 3 minutes of waking up from an REM sleep.
"Yo Johnny, that's your 3rd cup of coffee before 10am, what gives bro???"

"Damn man, ran some midnight laps with the lady last night, never caught my second wind"
by Jrockwhc June 27, 2012
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