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A song made popular by the folk group Peter, Paul and Mary in 1963.

The song is believed by many to refer to smoking marijuana, yet according to its author, Leonard "Lenny" Lipton, it's a simple sentimental song about the loss of childhood and nothing more.

In 1958 Lenny Lipton graduated from high school and headed off to college at Cornell in Ithaca. He came to the realization that he was not a little kid anymore and never would be; that made him sad.

One night in 1959 Lenny headed for the Cornell library. He had just turned nineteen. He found a book of poems by Ogden Nash, one of which discussed a Really-o Truly-o Dragon. After he was finished he left the library and went to visit his friend Lenny Edelstein.

Lenny Lipton was thinking again about the loss of his carefree childhood days, and he was inspired by the poems he had been reading earlier in the evening. So he decided to write a poem of his own. He wrote for about three minutes and felt somewhat soothed. He left the poem in Peter's typewriter, and then left.

Peter returned and saw the sheet of paper in the typewriter. He was a singer/performer/concert organizer, he liked what he saw and put some music to it, and later began to use it in some of his performances.

Peter later joined a group and used the song. It became more and more popular, and eventually the group recorded it. Within a few years it had become a top ten pop song. Peter went back and tracked down Lenny Lipton, who was by that time a counselor at a summer camp. Peter added Lenny Lipton's name as a co-writer, and Lipton has done well with the royalties he has received ever since.

Peter was Peter Yarrow, and his group was Peter, Paul and Mary. The song reached number 2 on the charts early in 1963.
Puff the Magic Dragon is a song about growing up and leaving behind the innocence of childhood. When Jackie Paper "came no more" it's a reference to him growing up.
by t.m.d. November 30, 2008
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Paff,Der Zauberdrachen (Puff the Magic Dragon) song sang in german & performed Monkey Circus linz 1975 by Marlene Dietrich where her very long career largely ended when she broke her leg:Believed by some trippy hippies to refer to smoking marijuana,due to references to paper dragon(draggin)and puffs of smoke.therfore being banned around some of the world with it's association with the drug culture.
hippy: PMD a coded song about marijuana.
negra:no shit bro,i tink it was the Spooky Douglas AC-47 gunships developed by the US Air Force during the Vietnam War.
hippy:O hare krishna Puff the Magic Dragon maybe your right!
by mohair May 27, 2007
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To smoke weed/pot/ganja and get high.
The magic dragon usually refers to the item the marijuana is being smoked in. ie- bong, joint, pipe
A bunch of friends are sitting around a campfire and about to smoke. John pulls out his pipe and bag of weed and says to the whole group " Who wants to puff the magic dragon?"

Duke William and Dutchess Kate puffed the magic dragon on their wedding night and got baked off their royal asses.
by YankeeFanatic May 13, 2011
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1. A song written by Leonard Lipton and Peter Yarrow. The lyrics for the song were based off a poem Leanard Lipton wrote in collage and the song became popular when the group Peter, Paul and Mary sang it. It is about a boy named Jackie Paper and and his imaginary dragon friend named Puff. In 1978 there was an animated TV special based off of it.

2. A slang term used for marijuana.
Puff the magic dragon lives by the sea, and .....*rest of song here*

Stoner 1: Yo, I was watching Puff the magic dragon last night. It took me on a wild trip.
Stoner 2: I was there with you. I think.
Stoner 1: I don't remember. But do you remember the pink tiger? Then a picture of little elfs took me to a forest of the magic tree.
One confused kid or a old person who has seen the real movie: I don't remember that.... I got to watch it again.
by wowtomax February 09, 2009
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A song by the vocal group Peter, Paul, and Mary from the 1960s. Widely believed to be about smoking marijuana, sources claim it was really just meant to be a song about a magic dragon.
Either way, it became imprinted in the minds of many little kids sitting around campfires.
Ex. "I was in the mall and I heard this little kid singing "Puff the Magic Dragon" over and over again... man was it annoying!"
by andriod5 July 31, 2005
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I was also used during Viet Nam to name the C-130 Spector(sp?), It was basically a C-130 Gunship that would basicall fly in a holding pattern and lay down a devistating blanket of lead on the enemy.
We were pinned down by a Viet Cong Division until Puff the Magic Dragon was caled in to thin'em out.
by q-ster March 08, 2004
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