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Literally, meta = with; about + amor = love. The partner of one's partner, with whom one does not share a direct sexual or loving relationship
by Joreth April 08, 2010
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Your partner's other partners, that you are not romantically or sexually involved with. My girl/boyfriend's other boy/girlfriends.

A partner has several other partners. Each partner of a partner is a metamour. Collectively they are all metamours. Often used in polyamorous communities.
I'm dating F. He also has a partner J and another partner Z. J and Z are my metamours. We practice polyamory.
by Wednesdey November 26, 2010
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In a polyamorous relationship, where your lover has more than one lover, a metamour is the name given to your partner's other lover(s).
My partner and I went to see her metamour Jane at the weekend.
by Rick Mills July 19, 2004
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Used in polyamorous contexts, a person's lover's other lover. A partner's partner, the person your sweetie is banging, etc. Unlike mistress or paramour, "metamore" connotes that neither relationship is clandestine.
There was a lot of tension in my relationship with Joe, so I had dinner and talked through it with a metamour, Casey. They were able to bring a lot of perspective, and things with Joe really smoothed out. The next week we made an Eiffel Tower.

Now that I'm dating Ludacris, I have metamours in every area code.
by brandleberry July 18, 2014
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Metamour (n) a partner, of a greedy, needy cunt who can't break it off with their current partner or partners
Gretchen: "Honey, I'm going to spend a week with my metamour, Joe"

Gerry: "Ok, hunny"
Gretchen: "We are going to have all the sex that I don't want to have with you"
Gerry: "Yes, hunny"
Gretchen: "Make sure you take care of our daughter, Peyton"
Gerry: "Her name is Ripley."
Gretchen: "Whatever."
by Mon09amy November 23, 2018
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