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1. S&M term to describe the submissive or submissives.

2. Human property.

3. Setting on a secondary hard disk drive, CD-Rom, etc.
1. You know the punishment for trying escape from your cage! On you knees slave, this is going to hurt.

2. Shaniqua thinks she's entitled to extra welfare because her great great great graddaddy was a slave.

3. I set the jumper on the back of the drive to slave and hooked it up on the IDE cable, but Windows still will not recognize it.
by Jon Doe September 02, 2003

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The people who make the business worldf go round and round, without them executives might actually have to do something besides make rules to make it more difficult for the slaves under them to do their job. Corporate slaves are easily identifiable by the vacant look in their eyes as they are always overworked, underpaid and underappreciated.
Mary was just another corporate slave until she discovered that by screwing her boss and then blackmailing him with telling his wife she could easily move up the corporate ladder and become a slave driver.
by Jon Doe September 09, 2003

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A female who does not take care of her appearance.
Krystal is a poor ass, busted bitch
by Jon Doe July 22, 2003

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Home of the greatest Industrial bands and record labels in America. Second only to the Faterland, aka Germany, for greatest Industrial bands in the world.
Many of today's Industrial artists call Chicago home.
by Jon Doe September 09, 2003

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one who has a small penis, less than 2 inches
Josh is a kipin because his wang is small
by Jon Doe February 04, 2005

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A very freaky character from Resident Evil Code: Veronica who dresses up as a girl and has a very high pitched voice.
"You're just a rat caught in my trap, Claire Redfeild! *insert weird girlish-like laugh*"
by Jon Doe April 10, 2004

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long shaggy haircut
the kids pointed and laughed at the mop top august
by jon doe May 27, 2003

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