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Balls, as in courage or bravery. See also chutzpah.
He doesn't have the testicular fortitude to challenge me to a fight!
by JohnQPublic March 24, 2007

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Second to last place. The best of the worst. Parody of "cream of the crop."
When the two worst teams play each other, the winner is the Cream of the Crap.
by JohnQPublic March 24, 2007

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A term made up by some techno-geek asshole n00b by mashing words together and defecating all over the English language. When uttered the word often causes people who hear it to spontaneously vomit. You are not Shakespeare, shut the fuck up.
Asshole: Dude, did you just see the latest mobisode of Lost?

Vomiting Bystander: You're a tool, go away.
by JohnQPublic July 26, 2008

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Acronym for "George Washington University," an institution of higher education located in Washington, DC founded in 1821. Can also represent "Gay White University," a parody commenting on the predominantly white and homosexual tendency of many students at the same school. Also often parodied as "GW Jew" referring to the disproportionate number of Jewish students at the school.
Effeminate White Male: "Girlfriend, please. He is as queer as a three-dollar bill. You know why they call this GWU? 'Gay White University!' Hello!"


Gentile: "Man, there are so many JAPs at this school. No wonder why they call it GW Jew."
by JohnQPublic March 24, 2007

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