A term made up by some techno-geek asshole n00b by mashing words together and defecating all over the English language. When uttered the word often causes people who hear it to spontaneously vomit. You are not Shakespeare, shut the fuck up.
Asshole: Dude, did you just see the latest mobisode of Lost?

Vomiting Bystander: You're a tool, go away.
by JohnQPublic July 26, 2008
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A combination of the words "episode" and "mobile" (as in mobile phone). This is a new word referring to short television episodes that can be accessed with a mobile phone.
I was bored on the flight, so I turned on my phone and watched a mobisode.
by toomuchpie27 May 21, 2005
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A brief episode of a video program designed to be viewed on a
mobile phone.
I watched a mobisode of VH1's Best Week Ever on your new mobile phone. Nice phone you moboso!
by spacesloth May 22, 2005
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Short movies made on cell phones. It's a mesh of mobil phones and episodes.
We just downloaded a mobisode.
by dabean October 10, 2005
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