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What every 16-20 year old who's seen "The Fast and the Furious", or "2 Fast 2 Furious" is likely to drive. Usually running a ridiculous amount of negative wheel camber due to the car being lowered without getting an alignment done, wheels larger than can reasonably fit in the wheelwells (giving lots of tire rub), a 3 foot tall aluminum wing, under car neon tubing, "Type R" decals, a boost gauge (esp in a normally aspirated car), and has the overall appearance of an automobile onto which every advertiser in Super Street has barfed a part.
Required equipment includes a 5 inch exhaust tip on an otherwise stock exhaust system, a 4 million watt stereo system that, from outside the car, seems to do mothing other than vibrate the rear hatch glass, and every aftermarket gauge that the local Pep Boys carries (not necessarily connected to anything).
Not to be confused with a "tuner car", which may be quite a bit faster than anything you've seen away from a racetrack.
My friend's sixteen year old brother had a really fast Chevelle, but fter seeing the Fast and the Furious, he traded it for a 17 second rice burner.
by me July 07, 2003
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Badly modified car made to look fast but most probably running the original 4 cylinder engine with less than 100 horse power. Usually Japanese, although, there are a few European and American examples about.

Identifying features include:

* Ear piercing fart like sounds produced by the exhaust.

* Loud music coming from the car.

* Badly modified lowered suspension makes the car bounce dangerously even on the smoothest of roads.

* Often seen wrapped around the tree.

* Often driven by spotty teenagers with their equally spotty girlfriends on the passenger seat.

* HUGE wings made out of sheet aluminium.
Oh look! Another rice burner wrapped around a tree.
by camaro kid September 03, 2003
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To qualify to be a rice burner, you must:
- have Stickers that add hp
- have a Fartcan that adds hp
- have cut springs that increase cornering capability
- have a hatred for muscle cars because they have less hp per cubic inch
- have no idea what porting heads or the word camshaft means
- think that turbos automatically take your e.t. from 16 to 10
- constantly brag about beating Camaros and Mustangs to your friends, but when they're riding with you, you won't race them because "they're not worth it"
- dangerously weave through traffic like a maniac and piss off everybody else on the road
- play your music loud enough to wake the dead
What can I say? We need riceburners. If everyone had a car like mine, I'd have no one to make a fool out of. I hope people with riceburners newver "wake up". I look forward to seeing that look of disappointment on their faces for years to come when they blow their engines with a 100 shot of nitrous (not "NOS") and still lose to me.
by Camaro Man October 16, 2003
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Often driven by a ricer, these heavily modified japanese import cars are a little better than turbo-charging your mums kettle. Often seen with a rear aerodynamical device called a "wing", they are mistaken for a Shopping Trolley or toilet-with-handles.

Usually seen outside your local massive shopping center or cultural center, they make themselves seen by revving their engines while driving at 10kms/hr so as that they are noticed.

Australians typically hate rice burners and ricers. Rice burners are often mistaken for tuner cars, which look similar, but the person in charge usually knows what they are doing.

Usually, a rice burner's additions serve only to increase the weight, damage costs and yellow stickers (oz), for little or no effect.
OMG I just blew off that loud rice burner in my tuned XF Fairmont Ghia (oz car). Is it just me or did it sound like its exhaust had fallen off?

My 97kw 76 HJ Kingswood (oz car) owns your pos rice burner.
by Clontarf[X] January 25, 2004
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1.The ability to "trick out" your moms civic with high end parts from the automotive section in your local SUPERwal-mart. (watch out for those falling prices!)

2.Any low end "import" with a foldgers coffee can for a muffler...(the best part of waking foldgers in your cup!)

3.Usually your average 4 cylinder, front wheel drive car with a park bench for a "spoiler"
(i.e. "racing in a rice burner is like racing in the special olympics...even if you win, you're still retarded!")
by bdiddy2k3 November 30, 2003
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