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the only add UrbanDictionary.com has.
I'm on Urbandictionary, whoa look a Bustedtees add!!!
by JoeyBnukkas April 08, 2007
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A series of awesome videos, starring a add-libbing black man describing his day, these are the best videos on youtube by far.
So what did you do yesterday?

I watched unforgivable all night, he is king.
by joeybnukkas May 28, 2007
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The white mans nigga. whites can say it and so can blacks (unlike nigger) mexicans MAY NOT say nukka they may say nothing
white man- yo my nukkas

black man- yo nigga.

by JoeyBNukkas January 13, 2007
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1. A shorter verson of definitely.

2. One who can't hear shit.

3. A definition on urbandictionary.com.
1. "hey, dude, you should deff come over"

2. "i can't hear shit i'm so deff"

3. "go look at the deff for deff on UD"
by joeybnukkas April 14, 2007
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noun: the act of or being fly.
Jim Jones is BALLIN'
by joeybnukkas August 28, 2007
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how to say Urbandictionary on AIM with out spelling out the whole word because in amereica everything has to be: faster, shorter, easyer.
lol i jst lyk fownd a c00l neu site UD.

lol my sen10ce strucktours blO.!!!1!!!
by JoeyBnukkas April 09, 2007
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A very angry black man
dude, that black guy just smashed a car, in rage!

whoa thats one angry negro.
by joeybnukkas April 14, 2007
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