19 definitions by JoeyBnukkas

The white mans nigga. whites can say it and so can blacks (unlike nigger) mexicans MAY NOT say nukka they may say nothing
white man- yo my nukkas

black man- yo nigga.

by JoeyBnukkas January 14, 2007
how to say Urbandictionary on AIM with out spelling out the whole word because in amereica everything has to be: faster, shorter, easyer.
lol i jst lyk fownd a c00l neu site UD.

lol my sen10ce strucktours blO.!!!1!!!
by JoeyBnukkas April 9, 2007
A term used when telling friend and/or co-worker to get some ass.
"oh, look at that girl, you should take a crack at that piece of ass."
by JoeyBnukkas April 24, 2007
A series of awesome videos, starring a add-libbing black man describing his day, these are the best videos on youtube by far.
So what did you do yesterday?

I watched unforgivable all night, he is king.
by JoeyBnukkas May 28, 2007
A word created by Joey B Nukkas.

A snowboarder term: Dope + Easy = Deezy

Joey B Nukkas- "Area 51 is easy and dope...it's deezy"
by JoeyBnukkas April 2, 2007