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A term frequently used by people in the northeastern U.S. when they're getting screwed so bad it's out of the realm of comprehension.
A BANK that doesn't even accept $2 bills?? You Gotta Be Kidding Me
by JoeNJ2 April 15, 2011

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Synonym to hillbilly: A loud,fat,sometimes drug addict thin, stupid, inbred fuck who resides in the neighborhoods of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Usually all family members will reside in nearby houses,i.e mom next door etc. Commonly identifiable by features such as buzzcuts,wife beaters,baggy shorts,tatts,any Eagles clothing, and large wastelines or sunken faces. If employed at all,most are in the construction or contractor industry. Often known to use the term 'yo' or 'yeew' as part of their communications. The men sometimes characterized by a loud bellowing tone,or slow,drug-induced,raspy smokers voice. Usually punctuate the end of most sentences by nonsensical joker-like guffaws.The women a shrill,gossipy,whiny tone. Most shop at their locally based Wawa market where a purchase of cigarettes are customary with each visit.
by JoeNJ2 August 30, 2009

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A highway otherwise known as the Schuylkill Expressway,or I-76,that winds through the Philadelphia area that seems to attract all kinds of craziness and congestion similar to that of the Bermuda Triangle.
Are you taking the Surekill Expressway?
by JoeNJ2 April 06, 2011

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The phenomenon where no matter what channel you change to they ALL have commercials on at the same time!
200+ channels on cable and they ALL have commercials on at the same time?? commercial conspiracy
by JoeNJ2 September 28, 2011

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A fucking parking game that's played in space-challenged Philadelphia where one attempts to keep moving their car closer to their house as fuckers finally leave their parking spaces on that street.
Playing leapfrog to get my car back closer to the front of my own freaking house.
by JoeNJ2 April 10, 2011

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n. Drivers in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania,particularly in the suburbs of Philadelphia who are involved in numerous accidents daily due to their leadfootedness yet their slowheadedness.
"Another accident on Route 202"

PA Drivers
by JoeNJ2 March 31, 2011

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When looking for a parking spot in a congested place such as a city,that illusionary spot that looks like it's open only to find that it's situated in front of a fire hydrant,valet,handicap spot etc.
Hey it looks like there might be a spot right here...aww fuck you there's a hydrant there - A fuck you spot.
by JoeNJ2 October 02, 2010

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