A city in the southern Bay Area, rated top 10 in High Times. Holds some of the best schools in the country. Mountain View High School rated #1 in California, where even the dumbest are smarter than you. Where kids ain't scared to throw down. Home to some of the American's biggest companies. 30 minutes from the beach. Lot of rich people.
Some bad ass fools reside in Mountain View.
I feel too powerful, let's go to Mountain View to feel inferior.
Everyone's down for whateva in Mountain View.
by Heeella March 23, 2006
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City in the heart of the bay area and silicon valley. The only place to hang out in Mountain View is In N Out because the city is full of stoners. Its schools have silly names, and the place in generally terminally awesome.
In N Out is the place to be in Mountain View, CA.
by Doctor Double Octopus January 25, 2006
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boring as f***, hella buds, hella bitches, hella ballas! Yadidimean!~
Chillin in da view,
blazin herbs wit my crew,
maybe take 17 to da beach,
tha optimos that we spark is peach,
cop a 40oz for breakfast, a phat sack for lunch,
blunt of 'purp to da face, slams ur lungs like a punch...

mountain view: we practice thizzlam
by Newton'sAle January 25, 2006
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A school in Mesa, Arizona that is almost 100% mormon (LDS). The students there tend to think they are better than everyone else, but in reality they arent. They just try to be too perfect, and end up making all the imperfect people depressed. Good job Mountain Pooo!
Ed: Look at those perfect looking teenagers!
Susan: They must be from Mountain View.
Ed: They are acting like such snobs!
Susan: Let's go define them on URBAN DICTIONARY!
Ed: Haha Susan your so smart!

by MaddykinsFoReal November 20, 2007
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a lame ass high school in the couve washintion.
Sam: Yo, what school you go to?
James: mountain view....
Sam: fuck that sucks for you.
by tinietot February 23, 2009
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Mountain view Arkansas known for it's folk music but also for all the teen pussy you can get there.It's the teen sex capitol of the world with all the raves,rainbow parties and cherry popping parties ect. you can want every night of the year and everyone is invited and you can get all the tight teen pussy you want.
Lets go it Mountain view and get some tight teen pussy.
by The Fury 13 February 2, 2011
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A school that could’ve cared less about their students up until they got in trouble a few years ago for having mold in their school’s walls. They also have a creepy ass principal who still dresses like she is a business woman in the 80s; she also dyes her hair black and hasn’t changed her hair style in 7 years. All the parents of the students are either rednecks, parents who couldn’t give two shits, or over protective parents who make their kids watch kids YouTube till 8th grade.
Person1 “ what elementary school did you go to?”
Person2: “Mountain View Elementary ”
by Ricebitch100 April 1, 2019
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