58 definitions by JoJo

Dumbass, stupid, slow, retard, ignorant.
Actin'a pfucka all of the sudden.
by Jojo October 17, 2003
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to slap a black man's cack.
i dog slapped him last night.
by jojo April 26, 2005
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Someone who claims they are not gay but constantly obsesses over homosexuality.
If that queerbait would just come out of the closet he might be a little less annoying.
by JoJo October 29, 2003
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a stupid ass cologne that fat or unnatractive loser guys wear to try to attract women. Its a sham yet they have hope to beleive it will attract women even though their fat n nasty, thats how stupid they are. Axe cologne is also cheap as shit, usually worn by broke men. The commercials are cheesy as hell.
you stupid broke nega get some good cologne , that axe you wearin smells like grandmas ass.
by jojo February 25, 2005
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A soft drink that you make by mixing it together with water and suga
I wanta 'nother glass of dat skool-aid.
I was a "Skool-aid Kid" when I was a youngun.
by Jojo July 18, 2003
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The Clint above all others.
clintonious is the l337357 84574|2|) to ever walk the earth.
by Jojo May 20, 2004
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An obvious POS that does nothing good whatsoever for dial-up customers.
Hmm...you suck...or do you have Earthlink?
by Jojo May 20, 2004
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