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a means of communication. You just punch in da numba and ya call up a friend.
Did I get any phome calls today?
by JoJo July 18, 2003
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A soft drink that you make by mixing it together with water and suga
I wanta 'nother glass of dat skool-aid.
I was a "Skool-aid Kid" when I was a youngun.
by JoJo July 18, 2003
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a talentless no good piece of crap. God knows how this chick got famous, she cant sing and her songs suck. Her personality is stupid , she acts like a little girl or a ditz half the time. Whats the fuss over her? She isnt even that attractive. Girls in my town are far better lookin than her. Her tits sag, she has a unnatractive face ( always has ) go check out the mickey mouse club from her younger years, she was a ugly little girl even then, she looks like a average chick at best, you guys are just fools because you see her when shes all made up or in a airbrushed photo. Check out the second pic on this site with no make up job or airbrushing, THE REAL PHOTO snapped when she wasnt looking or all done up. - thats what she really looks like. CRAP. I dont know why dudes make fuss over her, i wouldnt do her. I am sick of hearing about her and her exploits and publicity stunts, I wish she would just go away FOREVER. I like talented musicians not crap like her.
Britney Spears cant sing and she dont look that hot either, Take a hike Britney. The world would be better off without your whiney crap and terrible singing.
by JoJo February 27, 2005
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The lowest quality of a person, place or thing.

A carry-over from a Simpsons episode in which Lisa wants to purchase an Ikea knock-off, and Marge says "why don't you get this instead?" Lisa replies, "but Mooom, that's Klooge Brand. Pupla is way better!" So therefore, if Pupla is the best brand, Klooge would be second, ergo, Ass Brand would be the worst.
She stole my sale, that bitch is sooo Ass Brand!
by JoJo July 20, 2004
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a stupid ass cologne that fat or unnatractive loser guys wear to try to attract women. Its a sham yet they have hope to beleive it will attract women even though their fat n nasty, thats how stupid they are. Axe cologne is also cheap as shit, usually worn by broke men. The commercials are cheesy as hell.
you stupid broke nega get some good cologne , that axe you wearin smells like grandmas ass.
by JoJo February 25, 2005
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