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An offensive word. Gint defines a child who is the product of a rape; not necessarily a violent rape but in most senses of the meaning it is, unfortunately.
'hey Harold, nice moustache! you fag'
'Piss off Gerry, you're a Gint!'
'shit' exclaimed Harold 'there simply isn't a more offensive comeback, whatever will i do.'
by MrMoustache November 08, 2007
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A person who is extremely anal about everything and become a hard ass if you do anything wrong.
"Oh my teacher is being such a gint I forgot one period in my essay and now I'm failling"
by Friend of yours May 20, 2009
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the extra bit of ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc. that falls off your food when you bite into it.
guy takes bite from his burger and some mayo gets squeezed out. friend says, "look at all that gint"
by paul henry March 21, 2006
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A lithuanian fart exploding with different smells caused by the flying dogs and cats by that appear with the fart. This kind of fart can only be achieved by drinking the piss of a unicorn that has digested the lithuanian flag.
Holy bum! That man just ginted!

Oh I had the best day! I saw my coworker gint and it made me feel so good!
by Bcrabbit April 13, 2014
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he showed us that he had a small gint, and not to tell anyone, but we told a ton of people anyway.
by Jabbar 4545 April 07, 2008
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