12 definitions by Jizzy Jan

Shit that you do not, I repeat, DO NOT WANT TO FUCKING TOUCH!!!
I touched fire one time in hopes of juggling it. Didn't work out well.
by Jizzy Jan February 5, 2010
What you say when someone's asks something to you to which the answer is yes.
Guy 1:"Hey I heard you do a good British accent. Is that true?"

Me in a British accent: "Damn skippy hippie."
by Jizzy Jan February 7, 2010
One of the best reasons not to kill yourself.
It is an intangible element required for suitable life.
Music is love
Music is an expression of feeling through sound
Music is something that the entire world can agree on, that it is fucking awesome
Music is something that requires incredible skill, yet anyone in the world can make it.
Music is the shit
Music is on of the only things that will hold you and make you feel better
Music understands everyone
Music IS everyone
Music understands everything
Music IS everything
Music. It's some sick shit, yo
by Jizzy Jan February 15, 2010
The scariest month of the year for people who are gullible and insecure. Particularly because of the "April Fools" holiday jokes, where there are no holds barred.
During April fools, my friends convinced me that my girlfriend broke up with me. Gullible and insecure me fell for the joke. Eventually, they told me they were just kidding. Later that day, my girlfriend broke up with me.
by Jizzy Jan April 3, 2010
A boat car-hybrid
Schwimmwagon,get it? Swim-wagon?
by Jizzy Jan January 8, 2010
When taking a huggeee crap, right as it drops into the water of the toilet, it creates a huge splash. The water from the splash then shoots up into your rectum causing a cold tingling sensation, somewhat like an orgasm, but cold. Thus causing an assgasm.
me:Dude i had to take a major shit, but the fucking splash gave me an Assgasm.
by Jizzy Jan February 8, 2010
The shit that you walk on. (unless on a boat or plane....Or on crutches/in a wheelchair) heheh
by Jizzy Jan February 5, 2010