A time for people to be assholes and get away with it
April Fools!
by MeMahDude April 1, 2017
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Males and females that instantly don shorts and/or flip flops as soon as it's April 1st, regardless of the temperature. These people will then complain for the entire day about how cold it is and demand that April be warmer.
Most often spotted at the mall.
Can you believe these April Fools? Put some clothes on you dopes!
by assnugget April 2, 2008
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an overrated prank day that happens on April 1 of every year
ohhhh your shoe is untied! APRIL FOOLS HUR HUR
by lmr428 March 31, 2011
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A prank or practical joke done during the month of April, followed by the person saying "April Fools!"
Nick: "Mr Whalen your pants are on fire!" (jordan is lighting Mr Whalens pants on fire)
mr Whalen: "What the!"
Nick: "April Fools!"
by Shagmaster 5000 April 15, 2009
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The first day of April, when you can fake your sexuality or put tape under someone's mouse.
Mike: Jim, I think I'm gay!
Jim: Really?!
Mike: April Fools!
by WhoDatFreshBoi April 1, 2017
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by shaan simp May 12, 2020
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