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I propose this definition as a challenge to the first definition, which, although substantially correct, is not entirely accurate. A dinner whore is a woman who accepts high-priced dinner dates from successful men with the knowledge that she has little, if any, romantic or sexual interest in them. Nevertheless, the dinner whore accepts these dates knowing full well that the invitation is motivated exclusively by the man's interest in a romantic or sexual relationship with her. The dinner whore is usually of upper middle-class birth, although the genus has been known to comprise the occasional middle-class aspirant. The dinner whore is almost always of average or better aesthetic merits yet tends to regard herself as more attractive than she actually is. She is rarely a knockout but is almost always well manicured and has invested substantial time, money, and effort in seeking to maximize what physical gifts she has been given. The dinner whore is usually youthful (21-35) and is most active between ages 24 and 30. She dwells in all climates and locales but is most often found in a metropolis, with most concentrated in or around New York City and Los Angeles. She has fairly eclectic appetites but evinces a general predisposition to doctors, lawyers, investment bankers, and other men who are associated, however ambiguously, with the world of finance.

Although it is commonly assumed that the dinner whore's primary aim is to obtain a high-priced dinner for nothing, this is but one element of a larger and more sordid agenda, which is predicated chiefly on general self-aggrandizement and ego innervation masked by the pretext of romantic interest. In addition to the free dinner, the dinner whore desires to be lavished with attention, even if it is from someone to whom she is not attracted. To the dinner whore, any moneyed attention is good attention. Further, the setting of an upscale restaurant furnishes the dinner whore with a captive audience of other socioeconomic elites, both men and women, who will see her receiving this attention and, she hopes, think better of her for it. Contrary to most assumptions, the dinner whore only rarely has sex with her prey. Although she is clearly interested in a quid pro quo, the ideal exchange is not sex in consideration of expensive dinners. Rather, she is interested in trading the PROSPECT of sex, however illusory, not only for the expensive dinners but also for the moneyed attention and the increased social visibility of an upscale setting.

* The dinner whore usually leaves the game in her early 30s, by which time her looks have begun to flag or, at least, be outshined by younger dinner whores. At this time, the dinner whore usually leaves the game and marries a short, balding Jewish man of significant although not overwhelming means.
"I thought I had something going with that chick Kristin, but I dropped $500 at Jean-Georges, and she didn't even give me head. Fucking bitch. She might be just another dinner whore."
by JimmyX February 19, 2008

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A slang word used to describe a creamy milk product such as yogurt. This term is popular in western Canada.
Moe indulged himself with some Bonino.

Mike loves his after workout Bonino.
by Jimmyx May 18, 2013

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Rawak is a arabic female name meaning calmness. A rawak is sophisticated,smart and hot tempered.
Look at the sky,its so rawak.
by jimmyX December 06, 2013

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