6 definitions by Jimmy Cinders

Beginning something for the second or third or fourth etc. time
I was making something the other day and kept messing it up, so I had to go back to the beginnagaining .
by Jimmy Cinders November 8, 2010
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more exactly than exactly , a confirmation or response.
"Now I know what you mean" ! (response )zigackly !
by Jimmy Cinders August 23, 2008
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The process of inventing new words by combining existing ones , in this way linguistic frontiers can be crossed.
John "Hey I was multichatting the other day with about 5 people" !
Eoin " hey ! "multichatting" is a very good example of amalgameaning
by Jimmy Cinders October 1, 2010
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chatting online with multiple chattees at the same time
I was multichatting this morning with 12 people at the same time, a personal best, but hard to control.
by Jimmy Cinders October 1, 2010
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Fear of things going on and on without change .
God I'm bored with my job, my girlfriend , the weather , my life , I think I've got etceteraphobia .
by Jimmy Cinders November 9, 2010
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