13 definitions by Jetdean

A person that is fat because they eat too much food.
Food fan: I like McDonald's and eat it on a daily basis
Someone: No.
by Jetdean September 30, 2020
doing something Non-smart or being not smart
Stupid Person: Yes
Person 2: your stupid
Stupid Person: OMG USE CORRECT ONE"YOU'RE". HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
by Jetdean October 25, 2019
That 8-bit 3D lego game, that exists just so your 12 years old self could play this game And get Sucked into the game and have a chance of making a shitty Minecraft lets play

the 12 years olds may have moved to fortnite,
And the 15 years olds may have replayed minecraft
12 year old in 2015: Hey I like this shitty game made in 2009, I shall play it
(3 years later)
15 year old: shit, should I unlist all the shitty Minecraft let plays on my channel?
2019: Hmmm let's play Minecraft again
by Jetdean July 29, 2019
Only people with an IQ of 200 would search up the word banana.
Skurb: I watch Rick and Morty, and I am a massive fan skurb

Ricc: Rick and Morty suks and I eat banana
by Jetdean May 29, 2018
In English it means the word Slowly With means Despacito is to slow for you...
So you could beat it in the race of retarded songs in 2018 :)
Skurb: I like the word despacito
Someone else: no despacito is for idiots slow idot
by Jetdean August 25, 2018