The ultimate comeback that NOBODY can resist. It out powers "no u"
Me: your mom gay lol
12 year old: no u
Me an intellectual: *places down uno reverse card*
by Un Jong Kim May 8, 2018
Often referred to as "No U" uno reverse card is a statement you make after another says they will do something to you. This causes them to do it to themselves.
Person:"I'm gonna fockin shank ya BLUD"
Me:"Uno reverse card"
Person:*Shanks self*
by This word is called September 4, 2019
The thing that is even more powerful than 'no u.'
Guy 1:U DUMB
Guy 2: NO U
Guy 1: UNO REVERSE CARD!!!!!!!
by BOIIIIIYUYU November 12, 2019
When your friends call you gay, this the card you pull.
"HA ur gay bro" - DudeBro 1
"Uno reverse card bitch" - DudeBro 2
by _CrAcKhEaD_eNeRgY_ August 26, 2019
"Hey Johnny, your mom gay!
*Johnny takes out his green Uno Reverse Card*
"Oh Fuck.*
by That'sYourMOm October 10, 2019
The ultimate weapon, all attacks or anything of the sort will be immediately sent back at the attacker(s) upon playing this card.
If you strap one to your chest you're virtually invincible.
Joe: "yo wtf happened to that guy?"

Yuri: "He tried to hit me, and I used my uno Reverse card to reverse his attack."

Joe,"ah I see."
by GoldExperienceRequiem February 16, 2020
A deadly weapon too cruel and brutal for war. Holding this card guarantees that anyone who tries to attack you will instantly die.
Has been banned in all countries because of its instant contact lethality.
Even applies to non-physical attacks, such as emotional damage or punishments.
Teacher: You're getting detention
Teacher: NOOOOOOO *proceeds to sit in detention for 50 hours*

Teacher 50 hours later: no bringing uno reverse cards to school
Teacher: FML