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A sad football team with no history whatsoever. Their fans are known for being bitter to sick extents, like singing songs about Hillsborough and Munich disasters. They flirted with the Fourth Division in the late 90's and after regaining Premiership status, were sold to a petroleum sugar daddy. After that, the fans started acting like they have won lots of trophies in the last 50 years, despite the fact I can count how many honors they won with my left hand alone.

Thank God, Wigan Athletic proved them that money can't buy class or desire to win. 500000000000000€ only to lose the FA Cup to Wigan and the Premier League to Utd. Well done, you sheikhs.
Typical football scene in the 90's:

"Manchester City lost again, mate."
"And only lost 2-0. That's good for their standards."
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN May 13, 2013
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A good and peaceful place in North West England, bringing together the cities of Liverpool, Wirral, among others. Bathed by the River Mersey and a historical pillar for England's seafaring (Liverpool docks). Packed full with good nightclubs, stunningly good looking women and some of the most friendly and welcoming people in all Europe (although our accent tends to confuse people sometimes). Contrary to popular belief, the Merseyside is not a big slum in the middle of nowhere - neighbors Lancashire and Greater Manchester also display high levels of criminality. And thank god we were broke apart from these cunts anyway.
Bloke 1: 'Merseyside, big history, beautiful county, nice place to live.'
Bloke 2: 'Sound.'
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN May 31, 2013
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A term widely used in North England, but also spread all over the country, to describe the scum that hangs around shopping malls and McDonalds, wears tracksuits, listens to garbage music like 50 Cent, and last but not least, mugs people.
Look at that bunch of scallies hanging around the shopping mall. I was going to get in there to buy something nice, but nevermind it.
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN May 31, 2013
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The proof that the musical scene of Liverpool rocks. Led by frontman Lee Mavers, The Las enjoyed some success in the 90s with the hit song "There She Goes". Despite having faded away fast since that, the band became one of England's unsung heroes in music. It's basically the soundtrack to every british teenager with a simple life (except for the mancs, because they are retarded enough to put in a war between Liverpool's music and Manchester's. Both are great, you sick cunts). Besides, Mavers went on to have a normal life after that - there's a great chance you'll meet him buying something for his kids in the nearest store.

Also the regular answer of a liverpudlian when asked if The Beatles and Scouse-House are the only things to ever come out of Liverpool.
If you haven't heard of The Las, google for 'Timeless Melody' or 'There She Goes'.
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN June 24, 2013
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Quality goalkeeper, probably one of the best England has got in the last years. As of 2013, he plays for Manchester City. Paired with his goalkeeping skills is his resemblance of Barney from The Flintstones. Also widely known for acting like an ape everytime his team scores.
'Why is Joe Hart running around and slapping his own knees? Oh, City just scored.'
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN May 19, 2013
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A football team from the city of Leeds, England, which is like a poor version of Manchester City. They actually have spent more years in the 2nd tier of English football than have won titles, spent 2 seasons in the 3rd tier and have been out of the Premiership for 9 years, as of 2013. Their only hope is to draw the attention of some russian/arab sugar daddy (hence "City's poor cousin"), since they have established themselves as a mid-table team in 2nd division.

On top of that, their fans are some of the most delusional people on Earth. They are really convinced that Leeds United is one of the biggest football teams in Europe, despite the fact that the team only have 3 League titles and 1 FA Cup as decent titles (don't make me count the several Division 2 titles). Some of them actually call Leeds United an "European Powerhouse", which is just laughable, since their biggest achievement in an European competition is an UCL Final, and they got thrashed by Bayern Munich. Also, 90% of them are the typical hooligans that give football fans a bad name.
"Hang in there, Leeds United, we're coming for you!", says Mohammed Abdullah, the newest petroleum boss in the Emirates!

Bloke 1: "Hey la, are Leeds United back in the Premier League yet?"
Bloke 2: "Hah, good joke, mate. They're 14th in the 2nd Division right now."

Bloke 1: "Hey delusional. Just beat you guys 3 nil at Bellend Road in the FA Cup".
Bloke 2: "Aye go fack a monkey will ya? Are ya looking for a brawl?"
Bloke 1: "Stop talking like a french, delusional."
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN July 08, 2013
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Someone who comes from the shithole of Manchester. The regular mancunian thinks Manchester is the best place in the world, despite the fact that it's the number 1 city in gun crimes in all UK (hence 'Gunchester') and 90% of the city's inhabitants are living off the dole. They like to blame neighbors from Liverpool for the fact that their hubcaps disappear in the night, but they'll never admit that the place is actually crawling with scallies. And don't get me started on the accent. They can't say the 'R' in the middle or in the end of any word if their lives depended on it. They also can't tell the difference between 'your', 'you're' and 'you', so they just say the abominable 'yer' instead of any of the aforementioned.

Also, most mancunians are hostile towards people for no reason and like to brag about their fighting skills, despite the fact they have none. They're also narrow-minded, elitist, xenophobic arseholes, in stark contrast to the rest of England, which is probably the reason why visitors never go there or even think Manchester is in London.
Police officer: 'So, you lost your hubcap eh?'
Mancunian: 'Yea right, must have been a scouser yer know'
Police officer: 'Hey, isn't that your hubcap in the hands of that bloke with the Man City jersey?'
Mancunian: 'Bloody hell yea it is! Must be a scouser in disguise, there's no criminals in Manchester!'
by Jesus Lizard Freaky NNNN June 26, 2013
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