153 definitions by Jess

Nickname for a kid whos real name is Eli, also short for Elizabeth.
Ghandi + Jess = big fucking boning orgy every fucking night SO KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF BITCH
by Jess February 24, 2004
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a secret male slut who no one excepts to be a womanizer
Mrs. Burgess upon seeing tom's pencil case "Tom your a dark horse"
by Jess January 03, 2005
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"You all". Used by southeners, rednecks, and hicks.
Ya'll hush up. Ya'll are fixin' to scare off them there deer.
by Jess December 06, 2003
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A comedy troop made up of 4 Limeys, a Yank, and a Welsh tart. Enjoy making fun of Spam, Dead Parrots, poofs, and dressing in drag. God is in every single movie made.
Have you seen Monty Python on tv recently?
by Jess October 20, 2003
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Best T.V. show ever!
Too bad the cast members are really annoying.
by Jess February 15, 2005
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Established from the nonsense of the infamous Arizona John Merkel

1.) Being late

2.) getting lost

3.) Doing something stupid
John missed the close up bus....shit son he got merked! what a douche.
by Jess March 12, 2005
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Never heard of it, though Canada seems to take credit for the British army in 1812...
An example of the Canadian military? Well...the closest thing that I can come up with is the mounties, I suppose...
by Jess April 17, 2005
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