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A chair in a womens' clothes store/department for a guy to sit in and wait while his wife or girlfriend shops.
You go ahead and shop. I'll just be over here in the husband chair.
by JerseyJohn October 07, 2007

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Hideki Tojo was the Japanese Prime Minister who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor. "Tojo" became the personification of the "evil Japanese" in anti-Japanese propaganda during WW II. His caricature was often shown in posters with outsized ears, squinty eyes and enormous buck teeth, "thanking" Americans who failed to recycle metal, wasted food or did other things that were detrimental to the war effort. He also appeared in several pretty racist Warner Brothers cartoons. After the war (and Tojo's execution), "Tojo" pretty much died out as an anti-Japanese slur.
Tojo says "thanks for throwing away that can"! (Americans were supposed to recycle steel cans to support the war effort)
by JerseyJohn September 04, 2007

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A term coined in the mid-90's by British journalist Mark Simpson. He defined it as applying to men regardless of sexual orientation, but he first applied it to David Beckham, apparently as an alternative to “heterosexual”, with which it obviously rhymes. Mark Simpson’s definition starts: “The typical metrosexual is a young man with money to spend, living in or within easy reach of a metropolis . . .” In current use, it almost always applies to straight guys; but with the inference that their fascination with fashion and appearance matches stereotyped assumptions about gays. Thus, it's something of a third alternative to the hetero-/homosexual dichotomy: an urban straight guy with stereotypical “gay” interests. At first it was a neutral descriptive, and was jumped on by marketing types eager to start selling more overpriced clothes and skin/hair products to notoriously shopping-shy males. But as it evolved in mainstream use, the term gradually picked up a pejorative connotation, much as its close cousin, “yuppie”, did in prior decades; not because of its sexual implications, but rather because of its “snotty, rich young show-off trying too hard” image, and the vague sour-grapes suspicion that such guys get to sleep with hotter and classier women. Although the term has become pejorative, it hasn't stopped the practice. There are still plenty of metrosexuals (and yuppies); they just wouldn't want to be called that.

It has spawned a counter-term: “retrosexual”, presumably a guy whose preferred evening wear is jeans or Dockers, an untucked Bengal-striped dress shirt, white gym socks and Kenneth Cole loafers. There's also a synonym: uber-sexual, which is basically a celebrity willing to flaunt his metrosexuality (e.g., Beckham). The latter word hasn't really caught on.
OK, I may have enough metrosexual in me to drop 400 bucks for a pair of Ferragamos, but I'm damned if I'll start highlighting my hair. That's a line in the metrosexual sand I'm not crossing.
by JerseyJohn April 20, 2006

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Part of the dumb "pie-cost" joke.
Joker: Too bad we don't have a pie-cost.

Victim: What's a pie-cost?

Joker: Oh, about six bucks ... (rim-shot)

(also, same joke, using "hen-way" (oh, about 3 pounds ...)
by JerseyJohn August 17, 2007

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"Truckin'" was originally a dance move. There are several theories about where it came from, but the most likely is that it was invented in Harlem during the late 1920's. It was done to a shuffle rhythm and involved moving away from your partner while strutting and waggling your index finger.

It was popularized in the late sixties by cartoonist Robert Crumb. His "Keep on Truckin'" cartoon in Zap comics (1968), featuring a guy leaning way back with his index finger up and his foot thrust forward. It was a popular subject of poster art in the late sixties.

The Grateful Dead recorded a song called Truckin' in 1971. By then, the term was pretty much over, so the Dead had nothing to do with it. Eddie Kendricks recorded a song called "Keep On Truckin'" in 1973. Hot Tuna, a Jefferson Airplane spinoff, also recorded a (different) song under the same name. "Truckin'" was often a euphemism for a similar word with which it rhymes.
Keep on truckin' momma, truck my blues away.
by JerseyJohn August 20, 2007

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A New York City subway train (the Eighth Avenue Express) mentioned in Duke Ellington's signature song "Take the A Train" and famously performed by Ella Fitzgerald. The A Train passes through Harlem, stopping at 145th Street ("Sugar Hill"), a center of African American culture during the "Harlem Renaissance" between the world wars.
You must take the A Train / To go to Sugar Hill way up in Harlem / If you miss the A Train / You'll find you've missed the quickest way to Harlem ...

"Take the A Train"
Billy Strayhorn
by JerseyJohn February 01, 2007

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"Slender" plus the feminine ending "ella". (1) A brand name for various products: a line of slimming lingerie for the overweight, a line of diet foods and a chain of reducing spas. (2)A slim woman, especially one of the anorexic fashion model type.
Used in the second sense in the early sixties by Tom Wolfe in the essay "The Secret Vice", which referred to one of a certain a yuppie lawyer's many girlfriends as "one of those scientific slenderellas he always has hanging around ..."
by JerseyJohn April 19, 2006

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