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Hideki Tojo was the Japanese Prime Minister who ordered the attack on Pearl Harbor. "Tojo" became the personification of the "evil Japanese" in anti-Japanese propaganda during WW II. His caricature was often shown in posters with outsized ears, squinty eyes and enormous buck teeth, "thanking" Americans who failed to recycle metal, wasted food or did other things that were detrimental to the war effort. He also appeared in several pretty racist Warner Brothers cartoons. After the war (and Tojo's execution), "Tojo" pretty much died out as an anti-Japanese slur.
Tojo says "thanks for throwing away that can"! (Americans were supposed to recycle steel cans to support the war effort)
by JerseyJohn September 04, 2007
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A racist term for a japanese person. Tojo was really the last name of a major figurehead of the Japanese empire during WWII, named Hideki Tojo. But during the 40's or perhaps before, this was taken up as a racist slang word against japanese. Tojo, like any other racist slur against japanese people, can also be used against a chinese or korean person, but it furthers ignorance of the sayer greatly.
"That fuckin' tojo..."
by Dave January 14, 2004
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A tojo is slang for a Toyota Land Cruiser, which are the most popular four-wheel drives in Australia. They may also be referred to as an honest work horse. Toyota Landcruiser utes are used most commonly in Australia on cattle stations, by the police and in mineral exploration.
We set off in the Tojo and went about ten miles north up the main road towards Darwin and then turned due west through the bush.
by Ronz December 21, 2006
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