An extremely popular 1960's hippie saying that was made ubiquitously famous by the one-of-a-kind, extremely esoteric and eventually iconic comic strips and books which appeared and evolved from within the exquisitely unique mind of the mad-genius cartoonist R. Crumb. These three simple words of encouragement reinforced the then-prevailing idea that people should be able to feel confident about staying true to their own chosen life path and not allowing the outside world to get them down or force them to change who they wanted to be.
"Whether or not that peace march you're going on does anything to stop the war or not, just remember to keep on truckin'!"
by backinbowl August 30, 2013
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A way to tell someone to keep doing what they're doing.
Guy 1: Hey, what the hell are you doing?
Guy 2: I'm shaving my ball sack.
Guy 1: Ok?... Keep on truckin'.
Guy 2: Will do.
by Mr.Gooch March 30, 2011
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