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1. The nickname of Janet Jackson's 2004 flopped album, Damita Jo. Named such because it sounded like a gutted and slutty version of her 1993 masterpiece album, janet.
"Omg I felt so sorry for Janet after Damita Ho bombed. She'll never recover"
by Jer March 31, 2006
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Mary J. Blige

*the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul
1. When Darrell asked me what music I'm into, I told him Mariah, Aaliyah, DMX, Wutang, and MJB
by Jer March 31, 2006
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1. feeling sexy or comfortable with one's self

2. turned on or in a sexual mood
When Latrel walked by and I smelt his cologne, girl, I was feelin ghood.
by Jer November 30, 2003
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A doublay is when a person vomits and shits his/her pants simultaneously. It can also be called a blay, if you just shit yourself, with no puking action.

I first heard of this term from a zine made by a member of a punk band called Marilyn's Vitamins...they heard it from a band called Choke.
Aww man...I was so wasted last night...I did a doublay right outside the bar.
by jer July 28, 2004
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When record companies and labels have bargained with digital retailers to purchase a particular amount of digital downloads. This is practiced to push the position of a song to the top of the charts when a song is lacking in airplay
Gwen Stefani's label, Interscope, bought-out downloads for "Hollaback Girl" when it was at #12 airplay in order to bump "Candy Shop" before Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" took the #1 position.

Kanye West bought-out digital downloads for "Golddigger" when it was at #16 airplay so he could have a #1 single and #1 album at the same time.
by jer April 21, 2006
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1. Abbreviation for the band No Doubt

2. Refering to the older, underground, sound of the band No Doubt

3. Abbreviation for the band No Doubt's first album which was self-titled.
When we went and saw NxD I was totally trippin!

Yeah, I like Rock Steady, but I'm more of a NxD fan~
by Jer November 30, 2003
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1. Someone who imitates and attempts to emaculate Gwen Stefani in style and dress

2. A person who lives a lifestyle similar to or in idol of Gwen Stefani

3. A person who has convenced themself that they are Gwen Stefani
With bleached blonde hair, curly bangs, and a dickies, the girl wearing a bindi was pronounced a Gwennebee on site.
by Jer November 30, 2003
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