40 definition by Jeffrey Douglas

1) Big book which has many uses

2) your history coursework after you've "accidently" pissed on it.
1) Uses of the yellow pages;
Finding dominatrixes
Making short/dumpy girls easier to kiss
Destroying your enemies
Fuel for your fire, when you run out of babies
and many, many more

Jack: "OH! SHIT! I just pissed on my History coursework! just look at these yellow pages!"
by Jeffrey Douglas November 20, 2006

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Without any doubt what so ever, 12 is the greatest number of all time. it's not likely that anyone does'nt know this but for those of you who want to be reminded of just how good 12 is here... Months in a Year? Hours in a.m? some of the finest rugby players have worn 12, the number of the inside centre jersey in union. The board of friends officialy recognized this, and one of it's main aims is to spread the knowledge of this fact. In the history of the universe,only 12 things have happened, numer 3 being dinosaurs and number 11 being star wars. this isn't a crackpot theory, throughout any given day you will see at least three 12 references. Snoop Dogg's favourite number is also 12.
"everyone knows 12 is great. even dead people still appreciate the 12th of the month"
by Jeffrey Douglas August 06, 2006

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Johann wolfgang von Goethe was born in 1749 in Frankfurt, Germany. It would be correct to remark he put german culture on the map. Famous for Faust, Heidelroslein and The sorrows of young Werther. Coined the phrase "pretentious, moi?". All in all, abit of a floppy sausage, and is still annoying people today through education and the Goetheinstitute.

It would be unfair to say he was useless, as he coined a phrase in german that translates as "lick my arse", genius.

"mmm, goethe was important, but a bit of a tool wasnt he?"
"yes he was!"
"nice hair though"
by Jeffrey Douglas August 31, 2006

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the act of persecution for minors.
Teacher: "Oh, dear, John! John, JOHN! Stop teasing harry because he is fat!"
by Jeffrey Douglas November 19, 2006

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To be very very gay, homosexual or shirtlifting. to define somebody as gay as a dutch window, the recipient of such horrific abuse, must have done something very poorly, acted in a queer fashion or displayed his effeminate side to a large degree.

Tipex is Gay as a Dutch Window as it smells and comes....in small bottles
by Jeffrey Douglas September 10, 2006

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