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when you've had a few too many and you want to say bro, but then decide to say buddy, your brain combines the two to make BRUDDY
can you believe Jay was so wasted last night, his drunk ass spit out the word bruddy?
by JayRyder May 20, 2005

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v. - involves a group of buddys at a bar trying to win the bet of who can 'entertain' the nastiest, biggest, woman at the bar that night.
holy shit, i don't believe travis went so low in order to win the buffalo hunt at city limits last weekend.
by JayRyder October 01, 2005

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a type of girl who just walks in to the home, goes straight to the bedroom and fucks for hours then leaves.
whos all over there tonight? oh you know rueben, EL, and ELs Mike Hernandez.
by JayRyder April 16, 2005

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n - A guy who's a dick on purpose; a cocky motherfucker who thinks his shit smells like fresh roses every day of the week; someone you don't like.
"Hey man why aren't you inviting Parks to the lake with us?"
"Because that cockboy won't ride behind anything but his X-STAR."
by JayRyder April 19, 2005

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adj. no rub is what you would point out about an attractive female in a bikini and notice when legs together the top of her thighs don't touch.
Oh man you check out Jess in that bikini, no rub bruddy.
by JayRyder August 28, 2005

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boozing too much in order to puke up the food you ate during the day to keep from gaining weight.
Stacy is big fan of beerlimia in order to keep that slamming body.
by JayRyder October 01, 2005

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another word for heroin - derived on the streets of NYC
yo man you see that brown lady barry had last night, ouch it felt good.
by JayRyder November 08, 2005

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